Attendees (2022)

Blaise Aguera y Arcas AI researcher, Fellow and VP, Google Research
Chinmayi Arun Research Scholar in Law and Executive Director of the Information Society Project, Yale Law School
Gojko Barjamovic Senior Lecturer on Assyriology, Harvard University
Benjamin Bratton Professor of Visual Arts, University of California San Diego
James Bridle Writer and artist
Sorcha Brophy Assistant Professor of Health Policy & Management, Columbia University
Ryan Calo Professor of Law, University of Washington
Federica Carugati Lecturer in History and Political Economy, King’s College London
Marc Collins Chen Co-Founder and Board Member of Oceanix
Ted Chiang Science fiction author
Claudia Chwalisz Founding CEO, DemocracyNext
Julie Cohen Professor of Law and Technology, Georgetown University
Nick Couldry Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory, London School of Economics
Cory Doctorow Special advisor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, science fiction author
Judith Donath Author and designer, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society
Joshua Fairfield Professor of Law, Washington and Lee School of Law
Henry Farrell Professor of International Affairs, Johns Hopkins University
Noah Feldman Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Primavera De Filippi Director of Research, National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris
Archon Fung Professor of Citizenship and Self-Government, Harvard Kennedy School
Nils Gilman SVP of Programs, Berggruen Institute; Deputy editor, Noema
Gillian Hadfield Professor of Law, University of Toronto
Woodrow Hartzog Professor of Law, Boston University
Saffron Huang  Technologist, researcher, writer focused on ML/tech governance
Yuk Hui Professor of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong
Ezra Klein Columnist, New York Times
Lawrence Lessig Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Gideon Lichfield Editor in Chief, Wired
Evan Lieberman Professor of Political Science, MIT
Charles Mudede Writer, filmmaker, lecturer at Cornish College of the Arts, and cultural critic at the Stranger
Beth Noveck Professor of Communications Studies, Law, and Engineering, Northeastern University
Cory Ondrejka VP Product Management and Technical Advisor to the CEO, Google
Lynette Ong Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto
Tim O’Reilly Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media Inc.
Ada Palmer Associate Professor of History, University of Chicago, science fiction author
Eli Pariser Digital Activist and Co-Founder of New Public
Rob Reich Professor of Political Science, Stanford University
Mathias Risse Professor in Human Rights, Global Affairs and Philosophy, Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Juliana Rotich Cofounder of Ushahidi and BRCK
Daniel Schmachtenberger Social philosopher, founding member of The Consilience Project
Bruce Schneier Fellow and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
Cosma Shalizi Professor of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University
Alexis Shotwell Professor of Sociology & Anthropology, Carleton University
Divya Siddarth Social Technologist, Microsoft’s Office of the CTO
Jamie Susskind Barrister, author of The Digital Republic
Jo Walton Science fiction author
Glen Weyl Economist, Microsoft Research
Shoshana Zuboff Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School
Ethan Zuckerman Associate Professor of Public Policy, Information and Communication, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

up to International Workshop on Reimagining Democracy (IWORD 2022)

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.