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September 4, 2013 • The Atlantic
The Only Way to Restore Trust in the NSA

September/October 2013 • IEEE Security & Privacy
Trust in Man/Machine Security Systems

August 21, 2013 •
How Companies Can Protect Against Leakers

July 31, 2013 • CNN
NSA Secrets Kill Our Trust

February 2013 • The MontrĂ©al Review
Trust and Society

Winter/Spring 2013 • The SciTech Lawyer
Our New Regimes of Trust

November 26, 2012 • Wired
When It Comes to Security, We're Back to Feudalism

February 27, 2012 • New Scientist
High-Tech Cheats in a World of Trust

February 16, 2012 • Whatever
The Big Idea: Bruce Schneier

April 16, 2010 • The Guardian
The Meaning of Trust

June 4, 2009 • The Guardian and The Japan Times
Be Careful When You Come to Put Your Trust in the Clouds

February 16, 2009 • The Wall Street Journal
Thwarting an Internal Hacker

September 6, 2007 • Wired News
NBA Ref Scandal Warns of Single Points of Failure

August 24, 2004 • Boston Globe
An Easy Path for Terrorists

August 2000 • Information Security
The Fallacy of Trusted Client Software

Security Pitfalls in Cryptography

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