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Economics of Security

November 20, 2013 • CNN
"Stalker Economy" Here to Stay

November 8, 2013 • The Atlantic
A Fraying of the Public/Private Surveillance Partnership

August 15, 2013 • CNN
Why It's So Easy to Hack Your Home

March 3, 2013 • New York Daily News
Take Stop-and-Scan with a Grain of Salt

October 15, 2009 • The Guardian
Why Framing Your Enemies Is Now Virtually Child's Play

July 15, 2009 • The Guardian
Facebook Should Compete on Privacy, Not Hide It Away

June 24, 2009 • The Guardian and Gulf Times
Raising the Cost of Paperwork Errors Will Improve Accuracy

April 28, 2009 • The Wall Street Journal
Do You Know Where Your Data Are?

April 2, 2009 • The Guardian
An Enterprising Criminal Has Spotted a Gap in the Market

February 26, 2009 • Wired News
How Perverse Incentives Drive Bad Security Decisions

September 2008 • IEEE Spectrum
Here Comes Here Comes Everybody

August 21, 2008 • Wired News
Boston Court's Meddling With "Full Disclosure" Is Unwelcome

August 7, 2008 • The Guardian
Why Being Open about Security Makes Us All Safer in the Long Run

October 18, 2007 • Wired News
Economics, Not Apathy, Exposes Chemical Plants To Danger

May 6, 2007 • IEEE Computers and Security
Nonsecurity Considerations in Security Decisions

April 19, 2007 • Wired News
How Security Companies Sucker Us With Lemons

January 2007 • Information Security
Does Secrecy Help Protect Personal Information?

January 2007 • CSO Online
Schneier: Full Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities a 'Damned Good Idea'

August 10, 2006 • Wired News
Drugs: Sports' Prisoner's Dilemma

July 13, 2006 • Wired News
Google's Click-Fraud Crackdown

June 29, 2006 • Wired News
It's the Economy, Stupid

June 1, 2006 • Wired News
Make Vendors Liable for Bugs

October 20, 2005 • Wired News
Sue Companies, Not Coders

October 6, 2005 • Wired News
A Real Remedy for Phishers

October 28, 2004 • Computerworld
Information Security: How liable should vendors be?

May/Jun 2004 • IEEE Security and Privacy
Security and Compliance

April 2004 • IEEE Computer
Hacking the Business Climate for Network Security

April 2004 • Communications of the ACM
Cyber Underwriters Lab?

November 2003 • Heise Security
Liability Changes Everything

April 22, 2002 • Network World
Should Vendors be Liable for Their Software's Security Flaws?

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