Published Articles

“Rethinking Democracy for the Age of AI,” Cyberscoop, May 10, 2023.

“Can We Build Trustworthy AI?,” Gizmodo, May 4, 2023.

“Just Wait Until Trump Is a Chatbot,” The Atlantic, April 28, 2023.

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“How ChatGPT Hijacks Democracy,” The New York Times, January 15, 2023.

“How to Decarbonize Crypto,” The Atlantic, December 6, 2022.

Significant Articles about Schneier

“Book Review: A Hacker’s Mind by Bruce Schneier,” Web Informant, May 27, 2023.

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May 15, 2023: Swatting as a Service, Using LLMs to Create Bioweapons, EFF on the UN Cybercrime Treaty, New Zero-Click Exploits against iOS, Using the iPhone Recovery Key to Lock Owners Out of Their iPhones, Hacking Pickleball, UK Threatens End-to-End Encryption, Cyberweapons Manufacturer QuaDream Shuts Down, AI to Aid Democracy, Security Risks of AI, Hacking the Layoff Process, NIST Draft Document on Post-Quantum Cryptography Guidance, SolarWinds Detected Six Months Earlier, Large Language Models and Elections, AI Hacking Village at DEF CON This Year, PIPEDREAM Malware against Industrial Control Systems, FBI Disables Russian Malware, Building Trustworthy AI, Ted Chiang on the Risks of AI, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

April 15, 2023: NetWire Remote Access Trojan Maker Arrested, How AI Could Write Our Laws, Upcoming Speaking Engagements, US Citizen Hacked by Spyware, ChatGPT Privacy Flaw, Mass Ransomware Attack, Exploding USB Sticks, A Hacker’s Mind News, Hacks at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023, Security Vulnerabilities in Snipping Tools, The Security Vulnerabilities of Message Interoperability, Russian Cyberwarfare Documents Leaked, UK Runs Fake DDoS-for-Hire Sites, North Korea Hacking Cryptocurrency Sites with 3CX Exploit, FBI (and Others) Shut Down Genesis Market, Research on AI in Adversarial Settings, LLMs and Phishing, Car Thieves Hacking the CAN Bus, FBI Advising People to Avoid Public Charging Stations, Bypassing a Theft Threat Model, Gaining an Advantage in Roulette, Hacking Suicide, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

March 15, 2023: Camera the Size of a Grain of Salt, ChatGPT Is Ingesting Corporate Secrets, Defending against AI Lobbyists, Fines as a Security System, The Insecurity of Photo Cropping, A Device to Turn Traffic Lights Green, Cyberwar Lessons from the War in Ukraine, Putting Undetectable Backdoors in Machine Learning Models, Banning TikTok, Side-Channel Attack against CRYSTALS-Kyber, Fooling a Voice Authentication System with an AI-Generated Voice, Dumb Password Rules, Nick Weaver on Regulating Cryptocurrency, New National Cybersecurity Strategy, Prompt Injection Attacks on Large Language Models, BlackLotus Malware Hijacks Windows Secure Boot Process, Another Malware with Persistence, Elephant Hackers, NetWire Remote Access Trojan Maker Arrested, How AI Could Write Our Laws, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

February 15, 2023: Hacked Cellebrite and MSAB Software Released, The FBI Identified a Tor User, AI and Political Lobbying, Security Analysis of Threema, Real-World Steganography, Publisher’s Weekly Review of A Hacker’s Mind, No-Fly List Exposed, Bulk Surveillance of Money Transfers, US Cyber Command Operations During the 2022 Midterm Elections, On Alec Baldwin’s Shooting, A Guide to Phishing Attacks, Kevin Mitnick Hacked California Law in 1983, NIST Is Updating Its Cybersecurity Framework, Ransomware Payments Are Down, Passwords Are Terrible (Surprising No One), AIs as Computer Hackers, Manipulating Weights in Face-Recognition AI Systems, A Hacker’s Mind News, Attacking Machine Learning Systems, Malware Delivered through Google Search, SolarWinds and Market Incentives, Mary Queen of Scots Letters Decrypted, Hacking the Tax Code, A Hacker’s Mind Is Now Published, On Pig Butchering Scams, What Will It Take?, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

January 15, 2023: A Security Vulnerability in the KmsdBot Botnet, Apple Patches iPhone Zero-Day, As Long as We’re on the Subject of CAPTCHAs, How to Surrender to a Drone, Trojaned Windows Installer Targets Ukraine, Ukraine Intercepting Russian Soldiers’ Cell Phone Calls, Critical Microsoft Code-Execution Vulnerability, Hacking the JFK Airport Taxi Dispatch System, LastPass Breach, Arresting IT Administrators, QR Code Scam, Recovering Smartphone Voice from the Accelerometer, Breaking RSA with a Quantum Computer, Decarbonizing Cryptocurrencies through Taxation, Remote Vulnerabilities in Automobiles, Schneier on Security Audiobook Sale, Identifying People Using Cell Phone Location Data, ChatGPT-Written Malware, Experian Privacy Vulnerability, Threats of Machine-Generated Text, Booklist Review of A Hacker’s Mind, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

December 15, 2022: Another Event-Related Spyware App, Russian Software Company Pretending to Be American, Failures in Twitter’s Two-Factor Authentication System, Successful Hack of Time-Triggered Ethernet, First Review of A Hacker’s Mind, Breaking the Zeppelin Ransomware Encryption Scheme, Apple’s Device Analytics Can Identify iCloud Users, The US Has a Shortage of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, Computer Repair Technicians Are Stealing Your Data, Charles V of Spain Secret Code Cracked, Facebook Fined $276M under GDPR, Sirius XM Software Vulnerability, LastPass Security Breach, Existential Risk and the Fermi Paradox, CAPTCHA, CryWiper Data Wiper Targeting Russian Sites, The Decoupling Principle, Leaked Signing Keys Are Being Used to Sign Malware, Security Vulnerabilities in Eufy Cameras, Hacking Trespass Law, Apple Is Finally Encrypting iCloud Backups, Obligatory ChatGPT Post, Hacking Boston’s CharlieCard, Recreating Democracy

November 15, 2022: New Book: A Hacker’s Mind, Hacking Automobile Keyless Entry Systems, Qatar Spyware, Museum Security, Interview with Signal’s New President, Adversarial ML Attack that Secretly Gives a Language Model a Point of View, On the Randomness of Automatic Card Shufflers, Australia Increases Fines for Massive Data Breaches, Critical Vulnerability in Open SSL, Apple Only Commits to Patching Latest OS Version, Iran’s Digital Surveillance Tools Leaked, NSA on Supply Chain Security, The Conviction of Uber’s Chief Security Officer, Using Wi-FI to See through Walls, Defeating Phishing-Resistant Multifactor Authentication, An Untrustworthy TLS Certificate in Browsers, NSA Over-surveillance, A Digital Red Cross, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

October 15, 2022: Relay Attack against Teslas, Massive Data Breach at Uber, Large-Scale Collection of Cell Phone Data at US Borders, Credit Card Fraud That Bypasses 2FA, Automatic Cheating Detection in Human Racing, Prompt Injection/Extraction Attacks against AI Systems, Leaking Screen Information on Zoom Calls through Reflections in Eyeglasses, Leaking Passwords through the Spellchecker, New Report on IoT Security, Cold War Bugging of Soviet Facilities, Differences in App Security/Privacy Based on Country, Security Vulnerabilities in Covert CIA Websites, Detecting Deepfake Audio by Modeling the Human Acoustic Tract, NSA Employee Charged with Espionage, October Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Spyware Maker Intellexa Sued by Journalist, Complex Impersonation Story, Inserting a Backdoor into a Machine-Learning System, Recovering Passwords by Measuring Residual Heat, Digital License Plates, Regulating DAOs, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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