Published Articles

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Significant Articles about Schneier

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September 15, 2023: Zoom Can Spy on Your Calls and Use the Conversation to Train AI, But Says That It Won’t, UK Electoral Commission Hacked, Detecting "Violations of Social Norms" in Text with AI, Bots Are Better than Humans at Solving CAPTCHAs, White House Announces AI Cybersecurity Challenge, Applying AI to License Plate Surveillance, December’s Reimagining Democracy Workshop, Parmesan Anti-Forgery Protection, Hacking Food Labeling Laws, Remotely Stopping Polish Trains, Identity Theft from 1965 Uncovered through Face Recognition, When Apps Go Rogue, Own Your Own Government Surveillance Van, Spyware Vendor Hacked, Inconsistencies in the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), Cryptocurrency Startup Loses Encryption Key for Electronic Wallet, The Hacker Tool to Get Personal Data from Credit Bureaus, LLMs and Tool Use, On Robots Killing People, Cars Have Terrible Data Privacy, Zero-Click Exploit in iPhones, Fake Signal and Telegram Apps in the Google Play Store, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

August 15, 2023: Tracking Down a Suspect through Cell Phone Records, Disabling Self-Driving Cars with a Traffic Cone, Practice Your Security Prompting Skills, Commentary on the Implementation Plan for the 2023 US National Cybersecurity Strategy, Kevin Mitnick Died, AI and Microdirectives, Google Reportedly Disconnecting Employees from the Internet, New York Using AI to Detect Subway Fare Evasion, Backdoor in TETRA Police Radios, Fooling an AI Article Writer, Indirect Instruction Injection in Multi-Modal LLMs, Automatically Finding Prompt Injection Attacks, Hacking AI Resume Screening with Text in a White Font, New SEC Rules around Cybersecurity Incident Disclosures, The Need for Trustworthy AI, Political Milestones for AI, Microsoft Signing Key Stolen by Chinese, You Can’t Rush Post-Quantum-Computing Cryptography Standards, Using Machine Learning to Detect Keystrokes, Cryptographic Flaw in Libbitcoin Explorer Cryptocurrency Wallet, The Inability to Simultaneously Verify Sentience, Location, and Identity, China Hacked Japan’s Military Networks

July 15, 2023: Security and Human Behavior (SHB) 2023, Power LED Side-Channel Attack, Ethical Problems in Computer Security, AI as Sensemaking for Public Comments, UPS Data Harvested for SMS Phishing Attacks, Excel Data Forensics, Typing Incriminating Evidence in the Memo Field, Stalkerware Vendor Hacked, Redacting Documents with a Black Sharpie Doesn’t Work, The US Is Spying on the UN Secretary General, Self-Driving Cars Are Surveillance Cameras on Wheels, The Password Game, Class-Action Lawsuit for Scraping Data without Permission, Belgian Tax Hack, The AI Dividend, Wisconsin Governor Hacks the Veto Process, Privacy of Printing Services, Google Is Using Its Vast Data Stores to Train AI, French Police Will Be Able to Spy on People through Their Cell Phones, Buying Campaign Contributions as a Hack

June 15, 2023: Micro-Star International Signing Key Stolen, Microsoft Secure Boot Bug, Security Risks of New .zip and .mov Domains, Google Is Not Deleting Old YouTube Videos, Credible Handwriting Machine, Indiana, Iowa, and Tennessee Pass Comprehensive Privacy Laws, On the Poisoning of LLMs, Expeditionary Cyberspace Operations, Brute-Forcing a Fingerprint Reader, Chinese Hacking of US Critical Infrastructure, On the Catastrophic Risk of AI, Open-Source LLMs, The Software-Defined Car, Snowden Ten Years Later, How Attorneys Are Harming Cybersecurity Incident Response, Paragon Solutions Spyware: Graphite, Operation Triangulation: Zero-Click iPhone Malware, AI-Generated Steganography, Identifying the Idaho Killer, On the Need for an AI Public Option

May 15, 2023: Swatting as a Service, Using LLMs to Create Bioweapons, EFF on the UN Cybercrime Treaty, New Zero-Click Exploits against iOS, Using the iPhone Recovery Key to Lock Owners Out of Their iPhones, Hacking Pickleball, UK Threatens End-to-End Encryption, Cyberweapons Manufacturer QuaDream Shuts Down, AI to Aid Democracy, Security Risks of AI, Hacking the Layoff Process, NIST Draft Document on Post-Quantum Cryptography Guidance, SolarWinds Detected Six Months Earlier, Large Language Models and Elections, AI Hacking Village at DEF CON This Year, PIPEDREAM Malware against Industrial Control Systems, FBI Disables Russian Malware, Building Trustworthy AI, Ted Chiang on the Risks of AI, Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Academic Papers

N. E. Sanders, A. Ulinich, B. Schneier, “Demonstrations of the Potential of AI-based Political Issue Polling,” arXiv:2307.04781 [cs.CY], July 10, 2023.