Flaw in Cell Phone Encryption Identified

On March 20th, 1997, Counterpane Labs announced the discovery of a flaw in the privacy protection used in today's most advanced digital cellular phones.

March 20th Press Release
CMEA specification
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March 20th Press Coverage

Washington Post - San Jose Mercury-News - Los Angeles Times - Associated Press - Reuters - San Diego Daily Transcript - New York Times - Dow Jones Newsline - The Record - TR Daily - TechWire

March 21st Press Coverage

Washington Post - USA Today - WirelessNOW
CBS - Communications Daily - Associated Press - Dow Jones Business News - Wall Street Journal (registration required to access)

Later Press Coverage

Communications Week - The European - The Daily Yomiuri - Electronic Engineering Times

Industry Response

Cellular Telephone Industry Responds
Counterpane's Reply to CTIA Response

Watch the Rats Flee

Pactel - Powertel - Qualcomm - Omnipoint

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