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John Wiley & Sons
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20th Anniversary Hardcover:
ISBN 978-1-119-09672-6

ISBN 978-1-119-09672-6

Source Code CD-ROM

A compilation of source code associated with Applied Cryptography is now available for download. If you prefer, you can order a source code CD-ROM directly from the author for US$40.

The CD-ROM also includes a file containing corrections for all mistakes found in the book, as well as any updated information on any of the topics covered in the text: new algorithms, new protocols, new cryptanalytic results, and so on.

Bruce Schneier
Counterpane Labs
4602 W. Lake Harriet Pkwy.
Minneapolis, MN 55410

For your convenience, we also offer credit card payments via Paypal.

Please allow four weeks for delivery, and include your e-mail address. Due to changes in U.S. export restrictions, the CD-ROM can now be mailed internationally. All export notification requirements have been complied with.

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