Liars and Outliers:
Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive


Figure 1
Figure 1: The Terms Used in This Book, and Their Relationship

Figure 2
Figure 2: The Red Queen Effect in Action

Figure 3
Figure 3: The Red Queen Effect Feedback Loop

Figure 4
Figure 4: Metaphorical Knobs to Control a Hawk-Dove Game

Figure 5
Figure 5: Dunbar Numbers

Figure 6
Figure 6: Societal Pressure Knobs

Figure 7
Figure 7: The Scale of Different Societal Pressures

Figure 8
Figure 8: How Societal Pressures Influence the Risk Trade-Off

Figure 9
Figure 9: Security's Diminishing Returns

Figure 10
Figure 10: Competing Interests in a Societal Dilemma

Figure 11
Figure 11: Scale of Competing Interests

Figure 12
Figure 12: How Societal Pressures are Delegated

Figure 13
Figure 13: Societal Pressure's Feedback Loops

Figure 14
Figure 14: Societal Pressure Red Queen Effect

Figure 15
Figure 15: The Security Gap

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