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Signed copies are available for $31 shipped to U.S. addresses, $47 to addresses in Canada, and $50 to the rest of the world. (Yes, buying it from an online bookstore is cheaper—and you can always find me at a conference and ask me to sign the book.)

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Praise for Beyond Fear

“Schneier is a rare creature… Although he made his name as an alpha geek in cryptography… [he] can also speak to laypeople about the general security matters that increasingly touch all of our lives.”

—Business Week

“The questions in this book are not Left, or Right—they are important. Schneier avoids the politics to get to a truth. This extraordinarily clear and powerful analysis by the leading thinker in security of our time gives everyone—from policymakers to citizens—a way of understanding, and resolving, one of the most important issues facing society today.”…

Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear

Thinking Sensibly about Security in an Uncertain World

A book by Bruce Schneier

Talking about security can lead to anxiety, panic, and dread… or cool assessments, common sense and practical planning.

Over the last two years we’ve become obsessed with security, and put in place a whole host of policies and procedures that will do… exactly what? In his latest book, Beyond Fear, security expert Bruce Schneier explains how security really works. The key is to think of security not in absolutes, but in terms of sensible trade-offs, whether on a personal or global scale. Schneier’s practical approach to problem-solving is a refreshing antidote to today’s doomsday pessimism and anxiety. With the technical know-how and common sense that have made him one of the world’s top security experts, Schneier shows how we can move beyond fear to start thinking sensibly and creatively about security…

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.