Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Prices Are Rising

The price of squid in Korea is rising due to limited supply.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven’t covered.

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Anders January 7, 2022 4:30 PM


I to miss the old days, befor both Google and Yahoo…

Gopher, Veronica, WAIS and anonymous http://FTP… And not a “web page to worry >you”.

I’m here with you. I too still remember those old days.
And i hope one day i’d be able to read this blog from
DOS based Gopher client. Work is in progress…



Clive Robinson January 7, 2022 6:22 PM

@ null clam,

but “SQUID” is falling

May it fall and fall untill its fetid corpus is rent asunder and eviserated by those that feast upon such deities to greed.

Or something like that 😉

SpaceLifeForm January 7, 2022 7:44 PM

@ Anders, ALL

re: Patchwork APT

I did not need to read too far to confirm my suspicion that there was a VPN involved.

SpaceLifeForm January 8, 2022 12:01 AM

@ Ted

Either Brooks Nader is mistaken on the timing (should have been Tuesday night, not Wednesday night), or the 24 hour timer thing is actually variable as I suspect.

She needs to back up to Tuesday night and figure out if the Airtag could have been planted then (earlier than she suspects).

Clive Robinson January 8, 2022 4:18 AM

@ Anders, SpaceLifeForm,


Not so much shot themselves in the foot but been given enough rope to not yet hang themselves, but certainly enough to entrap themselves.

One of the first rules of writing such tools is to test then on an entirely issolated network, just to prevent crawlback and having your machines identified as patient zeros…

Oh what a tangled web some weave due to their choices, but where do they get the yarn to make their cats cradle… Did you know that the symbol in the middle of the Indian flag is a spinning wheel? The same sort that used to appear in all the best fairytales… Put there by Ghandi to represent the way Indian women spun their way out of poverty…

In sometimes what appears odd ways, India is very much an equal opportunities employer of women and men in technology, that is self made tallent goes a long way. Maybe some one should have done “The Dutch thing” and turned the computer camera on.

Ted January 8, 2022 5:14 AM


or the 24 hour timer thing is actually variable as I suspect.

I think you suspect right. I guess Apple can randomize when users receive notifications about AirTags. I still don’t know exactly how to interpret the third paragraph though.

From a Dec 9th article:

If an AirTag remains separated from its owner for eight to 24 hours, the AirTag will begin making a sound to alert people nearby of its presence, Apple says. When it does so within that time period is randomized, Apple says, to make it more difficult for bad actors to use AirTags to track others.

If the person being tracked has an iPhone, their phone will notify them once it notices someone else’s AirTag has traveled with the person for some time, although Apple hasn’t specified how long that takes.

Also from an April interview with Apple VPs:

And what your iPhone is gonna do actually is to alert you right on the lock screen when you arrive home, and your home location’s of course based on your address book or learned from prior travel patterns locally on your iPhone, right?

Winter January 8, 2022 6:22 AM

“Report from an MD in Novaxland. So Antigonish.”

Sadly, there is no cure for foolishness, and if there was such a cure, no fool would take it.

Fools made up 80% of hospitalizations and 75% of corona related deaths in WA, USA in 2021.

There would not be no crises if there were no fools, but then, there would not be humans anymore either.

Matrix January 8, 2022 8:22 AM

Talk by Andy Mueller Maguhn from Chaos Computer Club on CIA versus WikiLeaks (operation Kudo):

http s://

There is a nice video footage of CIA spooks doing surveillance where a briefing document can be read. I was a bit schocked seeing how young this guys appear to be. It seems CIA was prepared to shot at an eventual diplomatic vehicle leaving the equadorian embassy while carrying Julian Assange.

A good idea was presented on helping out Julian Assange that I think is worth mentioning it. That is getting the American Hacker community engaged on raising awareness of the severity of the case to the american public, regarding their own constitutional rights and thus american public own interests. I think rebirthing those FREE KEVIN stickers by but now labeled as “FREE ASSANGE” would be a nice starting point.

S.I.A.S.D. January 8, 2022 1:21 PM

I have a feeling that even their predictions are low, but if you adjust the numbers to reflect the more accurate count, We are looking at a death rate of about 2.7%, which is 27 times deadlier than the current flu, and right on par with the 1918 pandemic of around 2.5%.

Something tells me, ours will last longer than the 2 years it took the flu to play out.

Clive Robinson January 8, 2022 1:42 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Report from an MD in Novaxland

Remember the Joe Stalin quote I’ve mentioned a couple of times,

“One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic”

The MD has the count getting close with,

“800,000 people dead and counting.”

Just a couple of hundred thousand more, say by the end of respiritory infection season this year then they are all just Stalin’s statistic…

Must be nice to be a psycho politician, you don’t have to feel, you don’t have to acknowledge your part in mass murder “all for the common good”, you just keep smiling and blaiming the victims for being weak or worse. Oh and the profits of the 1% of 1%ers keep that rolling in as the nest needs to always be feathered…

Clive Robinson January 8, 2022 5:16 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, Ted,

Who is the ‘owner’ of a brand new Airtag before it is ‘paired’ to an iPhone?

Obviously Apple, “you don’t buy it you lease it”…

Also some of the reported behaviours suggest an airtag has a never changing internal serial number or similar.

Which kind of makes sense, after all what it two or more tags randomly picked the same “root of trust” security ID? It would happen if the ID was randomly generated[1] How would you know which tag was yours and which was someone elses with the same “root of trust” Security ID.

[1] On the assumption,

1, The half billion iPhones each have four tags.
2, The protocol will get “busted open” enough for fake AirTag market of a billion or so tags…
3, Room for growth.

Let’s say a little over 16billion ID’s or 2^34 which gives a 34bit sized ID.

To reasonably stop clashes with the “root of trust” ID’s being “randomly generated” the ID would have to be 68 bits in size…

Matrix January 8, 2022 5:43 PM

In followup of my last post and also of great importance on understanding the legal technicalities of Assange case:

http s://

This is a first hand testimony by Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture) and Stefania Maurizi (who has been FOI’ng like in a true matrix Kung Fu simulation).

SpaceLifeForm January 8, 2022 7:38 PM

@ Ted, Clive

Location, location, location

Intelligent Active RFID

Transponding Active RFID

Consider an iPhone as an RFID reader and also a beacon.

That can ‘wake up’ a ‘non-owned’ Airtag, just sitting there in the dark.

Even when there is no ‘owner’ of an Airtag.

Intelligent RFID is also something of a hybrid—between beaconing and transponding active RFID. An intelligent active RFID tag wakes up at certain set intervals and scans its environment to look for fixed reference point beacons in the vicinity. The tag then calculates its own location based on the information it gathers from the closest fixed beacon, and sends that data to the reader as a message. (This tag-centric calculation is why this type of active RFID is considered intelligent.)

[Do not believe the marketing. Un-Owned Airtags that can be planted anywhere can be tracking you. There does not need to be an ‘owner’, the telemetry can (and will) still be leaked]

[The dot you may be missing. NFC ~= RFID (subset). If the device can do NFC, it probably can do RFID]

[Also, those that are being tracked have no understanding about what I just wrote. They really believe that their iPhone is ‘off’. So IC folk, don’t panic. They have no clue. Especially Texas ted. I’ve spent over an hour writing this comment, so please don’t shoot the messenger. K?]

Ted January 8, 2022 7:47 PM

@SpaceLifeForm, Clive

Who is the ‘owner’ of a brand new Airtag before it is ‘paired’ to an iPhone?

That’s a good question. We can see that some pretty capable researchers are working to unpack questions like that. The closest point of reference I saw from anyone is in how the bluetooth advertising changes after it’s registered.

When the AirTag is not registered to the FindMy network, it has similar behaviour but advertises using its default device address at 33ms intervals, and with a different Apple payload.

That researcher tries to further define the advertising data after registration (ie: Bytes 7-29: EC P-224 public key used by FindMy network. Changes daily, etc.) Of course, I can’t verify how accurate this is.

SpaceLifeForm January 8, 2022 9:07 PM

@ Ted, Clive, ALL

A very large whiteboard may be handy to map this out.

Better would be a large room full of walls of whiteboards.

Use multiple colours.

The whole system is a clever combination of Bluetooth advertisements, public-key cryptography, and a central database of encrypted location reports.

[I’m not convinced at all about the Public key part. Central database, definitely]

lurker January 8, 2022 9:55 PM

@SpaceLifeForm, All

So when you buy[license] an iPhone you get not just a phone, but a device for finding other people’s junk. What a synonym for socialism.

All iPhones on iOS 13 or newer do this by default.

Clive Robinson January 9, 2022 2:16 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, lurker, Ted, ALL,

Consider an iPhone as an RFID reader and also a beacon.

Not just… But also a relay or repeater depending on your knowledge domain vocabulary.

More mathematicaly as I’ve mentioned before, the AirTag is a “leaf node” or “ultimate node” on a tree structure network. The iphone is the “penultimate node” in the network, or if you like the next step in from the “leaf node”.

As such the iPhone is in a very vulnerable position due to the single link or edge to the ultimate leaf node. That is it has to be within an ~30ft range of the AirTag, so if you know where the AirTag is you therefor also know where the iPhone is…

The hard part for both Apple and as they would like you to think the observer/attacker as well is “obfuscation”. That is Apple to “anonymize” the iPhone, and for the observer/attacker to “deanonymize” or “unmask” the iPhone.

When you think carefully about “obfuscation”, it actually boils down to “security by obscurity”. In this case it relies on the notion of ephemeral communications which we know does not exist.

That is Apple may claim “it” does not know the ID of the iphone but we know,

1, Apple is not the only player in the game.
2, Apple does know the ID of the iPhone but “currently claims” not to record it so it can be passed on to other Apple product users (but how about law enforcment?).

That is we know that the mobile phone service provider to the iPhone knows the ID of the iPhone, it’s traffic meta-data and ~location. Likewise we also know anyone sitting on the “upstream node” of the data network from Apple also see and can record the iPhone ID via meta-data as it passes through. Something the NSA and other 5Eye Level III (state equivalent) entities are known to do as part of “Collect it All”. They do things with very high time precision so it can be used for “Traffic Analysis” at a later date and link it to other systems (Palantir apparently do likewise).

But… We also know that Law Enforcment know via “fake cell sites” or very high priced Stingrays etc… Well what law enforcment can do for a big bundle of cash, so can private individuals with an equipment expenditure of around one weeks average earnings (look up Nano and Pico Cells)…

Can it be done cheaper?

Short answer “yes”.

So the long answer,

Around $15-30 above the price of a very cheap computer and it’s connectivity, for,

1, an antenna,
2, Software Defined Radio”(SDR),
3, Coax and USB connecting leads.

How cheap a computer? Well you can by a Raspberry Pi Pico for $4 but you would need to put in quite some work time. So you might want to spend a little more on the $15 Raspberry Pi Zero 2W that will run GNU Radio etc,

With this you can monitor all Bluetooth packets and extract identifiers that will tell you which iPhone is communicating with the AirTag at any one time…

What about the connectivity cost? Well how you chose to get data back from a remote sited Pi Zero is a big variable, and is upto you. But the Pi Zeri supports WiFi and broadband modem dongles, and even a serial port you could connect to a UHF long range data modem.

Then there is “LoRa”,

Or as I’ve mentioned befor Ham Radio APRS that is also “out of this world” via the ISS…

I won’t in deference to previous complainers on this blog, give all the details of how to do it… But all it takes is a little thinking and searching that any undergraduate should be more than capable of turing into a “fun project”[1].

As I said that penultimate node iPhone is extreanly vulnerable…

But then we should know some of that from those becons etc they have in Supetmarkets and Malls…

The issue is not information, but as you say “joining the dots”…

Which hopefully I’ve done sufficiently without going into all the details.

[1] Now I’ve said it expect a paper from Ben Gurion University giving all the details, it’s kind of the way it works with this blog these days 😉

leeloo dallas multipass January 9, 2022 5:30 AM

500M Avira Antivirus Users Introduced to Cryptomining

January 8, 2022

“Many readers were surprised to learn recently that the popular Norton 360 antivirus suite now ships with a program which lets customers make money mining virtual currency. But Norton 360 isn’t alone in this dubious endeavor: Avira antivirus — which has built a base of 500 million users worldwide largely by making the product free — was recently bought by the same company that owns Norton 360 and is introducing its customers to a service called Avira Crypto.

Founded in 2006, Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG is a German multinational software company best known for their Avira Free Security (a.k.a. Avira Free Antivirus). In January 2021, Avira was acquired by Tempe, Ariz.-based NortonLifeLock Inc., the same company that now owns Norton 360.

In 2017, the identity theft protection company LifeLock was acquired by Symantec Corp., which was renamed to NortonLifeLock in 2019. LifeLock is now included in the Norton 360 service; Avira offers users a similar service called Breach Monitor.

Like Norton 360, Avira comes with a cryptominer already installed, but customers have to opt in to using the service that powers it. Avira’s FAQ on its cryptomining service is somewhat sparse. For example, it doesn’t specify how much NortonLifeLock gets out of the deal (NortonLifeLock keeps 15 percent of any cryptocurrency mined by Norton Crypto).

“Avira Crypto allows you to use your computer’s idle time to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH),” the FAQ explains. “Since cryptomining requires a high level of processing power, it is not suitable for users with an average computer. Even with compatible hardware, mining cryptocurrencies on your own can be less rewarding. Your best option is to join a mining pool that shares their computer power to improve their chance of mining cryptocurrency. The rewards are then distributed evenly to all members in the pool.”

NortonLifeLock hasn’t yet responded to requests for comment, so it’s unclear whether Avira uses the same cryptomining code as Norton Crypto. But there are clues that suggest that’s the case. NortonLifeLock announced Avira Crypto in late October 2021, but multiple other antivirus products have flagged Avira’s installer as malicious or unsafe for including a cryptominer as far back as Sept. 9, 2021.

The above screenshot was taken on, a service owned by Google that scans submitted files against dozens of antivirus products. The detection report pictured was found by searching Virustotal for “ANvOptimusEnablementCuda,” a function included in the Norton Crypto mining component “Ncrypt.exe.”

Some longtime Norton customers took to NortonLifeLock’s online forum to express horror at the prospect of their antivirus product installing coin-mining software, regardless of whether the mining service was turned off by default.

“Norton should be DETECTING and killing off crypto mining hijacking, not installing their own,” reads a Dec. 28 thread on Norton’s forum titled “Absolutely furious.”

Others have charged that the crypto offering will end up costing customers more in electricity bills than they can ever hope to gain from letting their antivirus mine ETH. What’s more, there are hefty fees involved in moving any ETH mined by Norton or Avira Crypto to an account that the user can cash out, and many users apparently don’t understand they can’t cash out until they at least earn enough ETH to cover the fees.

In August 2021, NortonLifeLock said it had reached an agreement to acquire Avast, another longtime free antivirus product that also claims to have around 500 million users. It remains to be seen whether Avast Crypto will be the next brilliant offering from NortonLifeLock.

As mentioned in this week’s story on Norton Crypto, I get that participation in these cryptomining schemes is voluntary, but much of that ultimately hinges on how these crypto programs are pitched and whether users really understand what they’re doing when they enable them. But what bugs me most is they will be introducing hundreds of millions of perhaps less savvy Internet users to the world of cryptocurrency, which comes with its own set of unique security and privacy challenges that require users to “level up” their personal security practices in fairly significant ways.”

Sumadelet January 9, 2022 9:34 AM

@Anders, @Clive Robinson

Re: Gopher, Veronica, WAIS and anonymous hypertext transfer protocol/FTP; And not a “web page to worry you”.

I think this blog and comments are compatible with being implemented using Gemini.


null clam January 9, 2022 9:34 PM

I feel I notice in some links and references what amounts to a abuse of statistics and a replacement of reasoned discourse by appeal to opinion, which is by definition not reason, and which though it may be reasonable, should not be left standing alone.

I asked the standing “Committee to Extend Delphic Inscrutability into the Enlightenment Influenced Period and to Combat Hubris and All Impieties” about this. It replied, as its charter prescribes, that everyone should do their own homework, and offered these dicta of some of its loyal adherents, which had been collected by another of its loyal adherents [1]:

Hitherto the user has been accustomed to accept the function of
probability theory laid down by the mathematicians; but it would be
good if he could take a larger share in formulating himself what are
the practical requirements that the theory should satisfy in ap-
plication. – E. S. Pearson (1947)

The statistician cannot excuse himself from the duty of getting his
head clear on the principles of scientific inference, but equally no
other thinking man can avoid a like obligation. – R. A. Fisher (1951)

I believe each scientist and interpreter of experimental results bears
ultimate responsibility for his own concepts of evidence and his own
interpretation of results. – A. Birnbaum (1962)

We have the duty of formulating, of summarizing, and of commu-
nicating our conclusions, in intelligible form, in recognition of the
right of other free minds to utilize them in making their own
decisions. – R. A. Fisher (1955)

  1. Edwards, A. W. F. (1972). Likelihood. Cambridge University Press.

JonKnowsNothing January 10, 2022 12:50 AM

@Clive, @SpaceLifeForm, @All

re: Making the circle rounds

A MSM report detailing the “reinfection rate” in Spain for the last 2 weeks of 2021 exceed all their reinfection rates from the start of the pandemic up to that report.

Spain is reporting on their 6th wave-period of the pandemic. The population vaccination rate is 79-80% fully vaccinated.

As the pandemic rolls along, the number of “never infected” gets lower and the number of persons getting repeated cases goes up, if their antibody response is inadequate. Reinfections are an important indicator of how well/long a person’s antibody response is protecting them.

In Brazil, Gamma and Zeta, mutual infection, cross infection, back-2-back, flip flop infections were noted. Although at that time, it was considered a rare event.

I went deep diving to find the source of this astounding report and found the 2 reports detailed.

Note: My Spanish is mediocre at best. ymmv

The details are in 2 pie charts. The numbers reported come from the summation of the pie sections. The sections are split by confirmed v probable v possible percentages.

  • Figura 11. Número de casos por categoría de reinfección.

Dec 22 2021
13194 + 1169 + 2777 = 17,140

* Hasta el momento se han notificado 17.140 reinfecciones, de las que 1.169 (6,8%) son confirmadas
(Figura 11).

Jan 5 2022
24817 + 1240 + 11973 = 38,030

* Hasta el momento se han notificado 38030 reinfecciones, de las que 1240 (3,3%) son confirmadas
(Figura 11).

There is 20,890 increase between the Dec 22,2021 report and the Jan 4 2022 report.

38,030 – 17,140 = 20,890


Dec 22 2021 Report

  • h ttp s:// www.

Jan 5 2022 Report
* h ttp s:// www.

Winter January 10, 2022 2:35 AM

Next Chinese mobile phone producer in the crosshairs:

Taiwan’s NCC finds censorship software in Xiaomi smartphones
Report shows Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G phones have 7 built-in apps able to censor politically sensitive words

In a press release, the NCC on Thursday evening (Jan. 6) said that a program called “MiAdBlacklisConfigur” could be downloaded from the servers of through seven built-in apps on the Mi 10T 5G smartphones. This program targets words deemed politically sensitive and prevents smartphones from linking to related websites, it warned, adding that these apps are also able to transmit users’ internet history to servers in Beijing.

Terms including “Free Tibet,” “Taiwan independence” and “independent media in Hong Kong,” are blocked as well as the names of Taiwanese political parties and Chinese political leaders, an NCC test found. The censorship applies to three different language inputs — English, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese.

The commission’s think tank, the Telecommunications Technology Center, performed a test last October on the phone after the Lithuanian National Cyber Security Center notified the NCC of the device’s censorship technology.

Clive Robinson January 10, 2022 2:53 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing, SpaceLifeForm, Winter, ALL,

Spain is reporting on their 6th wave-period of the pandemic. The population vaccination rate is 79-80% fully vaccinated.

What does this say for “Herd Immunity Policy”(HIP)…


HIP is not going to happen due to immunity escape.

There are two probably reasons for this,

1, The high rate of mutation.
2, Rapid loss of immunity.

As has been noted vy various people getting a “booster jab” three to five times a year is not sustainable.

Which is why,

Caused more than a bit of a fuss, because under “Vacine Effectiveness”(VE), it indicates a 25% drop in ten weeks can be expected for some…

Especially as vacine effectiveness with repeated shots unsuprisingly is apparently getting lower (law of diminishing returns).

But there is increasing indications that things have been very much worse than has been officially reported,

SpaceLifeForm January 10, 2022 3:40 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing, Clive, ALL


Vitamin-D and Ventilation are important

g(weather:madrid spain)

Is is very uncomfortable to go outside in high humidity with temps near 50F/10C. It is likely cloudy. It really just sucks your body heat away. I’d rather be out in below freezing temps.

The cases go up when the weather goes down because more people are staying indoors, not getting any sunshine, and ventilation is not respected enough.

Get some fresh air in your home, even if you have to get cold for 15 minutes. If you are infected (assume likely, and asymptomatic), and you don’t ventilate, you are just building up the aerosol viral load that you continually breathe. I.E., you may be already sick, but you could be making yourself sicker due to lack of ventilation and lack of Vitamin-D. And then, you could reach your immune system tipping point.

Because the evidence points to the aerosol viral load as a key factor, and, at some point, the level overcomes ones immune system. The curves drop when the WX is good, because people get outside (fresh air) and get sunshine (Vitamin D).

This is not rocket science. It’s just common sense.

Winter January 10, 2022 3:52 AM

@Clive&Jon, All
“What does this say for “Herd Immunity Policy”(HIP)…”

We get immune from the older, more dangerous variants. The latest strain proves to go the expected/hoped for route of trading off severity against fast infection. See the report on the 2012 study on H5N1 bird flu:

With respect to all the vitamin/ventilation advice. Yes, it helps, but getting your booster helps more. You flu jab works a year, this one eventually will do so too. Next year, we will get them both.

Clive Robinson January 10, 2022 4:05 AM

@ Winter,

Taiwan’s NCC finds censorship software in Xiaomi smartphones

Not at all surprising due to legal requirments in China, Russia, and quite a few other countries in the world.

Forced scanning and reporting on “user end devices” has been a card on the table for a very long time. It was certainly played by Russia and others back in 2014 when it was discussed at the UN ITU World Conference in Doha. But it probably goes back further at least as long as it was clear that stopping circumvention of “Great Firewalls” was not going to work. It would also have had another kick with “HTTPS Everywhere”. It’s been obvious for a decade that many Soverign States wanted control of “the media” they were prepared to let their citizens see.

As I’ve repeatedly pointed out,

Your security is dependent on where the security-endpoint is with respect to the communications-endpoint.

I’ve also described why the alledged “secure messenger apps” are not secure. And why a security-endpoint in an application on a smart device is pointless as long as the User Interface can be reached by the Smart Device, OS, device drivers, or other applications. That is they allow an easy “End Run Attack” around the security-endpoint.

It’s why at times I’ve detailed in depth how people could get around the issues and actually get control of their security by,

“Taking the security-endpoint off of the communications-endpoint device.”

But if you look back on this blog and other places you will find I’ve been waving a red flag over this issue since the end of the last century when dealing with the issues of “Authenticating Transactions” for online financial services. Where I used to point out why the human had to be in the communications path after the online endpoint and before the transaction authentication end point using an issolated token or similar device, where no electronic or EM communications path was alowed[1].

Actually getting the required level of security is actually quite hard, and easy to get wrong.

For instance all messages have to be not just padded but uniquely encrypted prior to any “super encryption” in the communications systems. If not a simple comparison of the ciphertext will tell an observer what you are looking at. Such meta-data and meta-meta-data attacks are “bread and butter” for SigInt and similar agencies and available as “Off The Shelf Solutions”(OTSS).

It’s funny in a sad way, I’ve been banging on about this for a quater of a century one way or another. During that time there have even been real world malware exploiting it as “Driver Shims” and similar. Implemented by low class hackers going back a decade and a half at least. Yet even today people still are “Not Groking The Issue” even though it is so incredibly simple to describe. Oh and once you know what to look for you will find has been understood by the predecessors of the predecessors to the SigInt agencies more than a century ago[2]. It’s not been secret, even Winston Churchill wrote about it before WWII when talking about Room 40 and the Great War as it was then called.

Every time this comes up I wonder “How much longer before people get it?” sadly that applies to numerous “Security Gurus” as much as it does to ordinary designers of communications systems.

[1] @Nick P and others thought a USB device might be OK… but I nixed that for security and reliability issues on connectors. I also nixed an attempt described over on Cambridge Computer labs site using an optical path of coloured dots displayed in a diamond pattern by pointing out how easy it would be to add a covert channel by intensity modulation of the dots, that would be imperceptable to a human but would be picked up by a digital camera.

[2] It’s not often realised just how technically sophisticated things got with communications during what we now call World War One. Even though they had no electronic devices as we would recognise them, they did develop quite sophisticated listening devices. Some of which worked by what looked like magic and still does, by pulling voice signals out of the ground by pushing two bayonets into the ground ten or twenty feet appart.

Clive Robinson January 10, 2022 4:43 AM

@ Winter, SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

With respect to all the vitamin/ventilation advice. Yes, it helps…

But it should not make any difference… yet it does.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself

“Why does it make a difference?”

Most have not, and when you realise, you start to realise just how mucked up humanity is.

Put simply because we are “malnourished” and “incarcerated” by modern lifestyles and we have become sick and feeble because of it.

Processed foods, in fact most foods we eat are lowest common denominatior garbage. Look at the levels of omega three in raw products like milk, meat and farmed fish. It has been diminishing year on year since the mid 1940’s. For example it’s fallen so much in chickens it’s had a palative difference that even jaded taste buds can pick up. Yes we apparantly have sufficient food to have an obesity epedemic, yet we are actually so malnourished because “Big Agro” makes nutritionaly deficient food. It does not matter if it’s got an “organic” label on it or not, the food is deficient.

But how about the way we live? Our bodies are designed to be physically active twelve to eighteen hours a day depending on the time of year and how old we are. Yet due to industrialisation we now spend our lives encarcerated in our workplaces, transport, and homes. Building up “stress hormones” that will and do kill us at an early age. Yet we ignore what even medical proffession says is the truth, our bodies get rid of stress hormones by excercise no other way is as effective, as increasing numbers of long term studies show,

In short the food we eat and the way we work is killing us, yet we kbow and have known for a couple of life times we do not need to live this way. In fact we only do so because we are lied to for the benifit of a self appointed few (see history of the various work ethics, that science repratedly finds are wrong, wrong, wrong).

Winter January 10, 2022 4:45 AM

“It’s been obvious for a decade that many Soverign States wanted control of “the media” they were prepared to let their citizens see.”

There are two dominant political ideologies:
1) A people has the right to select their own government
2) A government has the right to select their own people

Our communication gear is currently mainly produced in countries that adhere to choice 2). That is Not Good™

Winter January 10, 2022 4:59 AM

“Most have not, and when you realise, you start to realise just how mucked up humanity is.”

If you look it up, the simple solution is to eat more eggs.

But fast food and soft (&hard) drinks are BAD. Vitamin D is indeed a problem because there are only few sources. But eggs should not be a problem.

John January 10, 2022 5:56 AM


Well said. I prefer to look at the solution rather than the ‘problem’.

“how-and-When-to-be-Your-Own-Doctor-Moser”, We eat clay, The pulse test. Pottenger’s cats.

From what I read ‘edible clay’ goes a long way towards filling my cells with the colloidal minerals I need to keep myself healthy. Check out Redmond,UT clay for a good beginning.

Most of the good stuff was written before I was born!


Winter January 10, 2022 6:46 AM

“need to keep myself healthy. ”

Contrary to popular believe, healthy people can get sick too. Everything from Ebola to Flu can make healthy people sick and die. No amount of vitamins and minerals will make you safe. Whether you die or not is often a case of bad luck and/or wrong genes.

JG4 January 10, 2022 6:59 AM

“If you look it up, the simple solution is to eat more eggs.”

@Clive is correct that nothing is what it seems. In point of fact, “It’s all a giant scam.” The aim is outsized profits. In this instance, from peddling corn and soybean oil and meal as food. You can call it factory meat. When chickens ate grass-fed crickets and grasshoppers, worms and free-range mice, they got a lot more omega-3 in their diets. Those eggs are much healthier. It probably is not in anyone’s best interests to eat soybean and corn meal disguised as eggs or meat. Chickens, pigs, cows and fish were not made to eat soybeans and corn, nor glyphosate. The lipid profiles of even the fish are wrong, in which farmed salmon have significantly less omega-3 content than wild fish. And dramatically more perfluorodisaster and polychlorodisaster in them. Stripmining the oceans. Stripmining the future.

Another example of stripmining the future is getting rid of the knowledge base in a company. I was slow to realize that the activist investors (often hedge funds) who take board positions and shut down R&D are harming US competitiveness in search of short-term profits. An easy fix would be to set a varying tax rate by time horizon. Activist investors increased the supply chain “efficiency” to the point that there was no margin. And moved almost all of the semiconductor manufacturing offshore.

@Clive may have been slightly in error with regard to the lithium battery discussion. Many primary lithium batteries have a self-discharge rate in the range of 1% per year, which is how they manage to have >90% capacity after 10 years. Rechargeable batteries are an entirely different animal. I’ve seen claims that lithium-ion batteries lose about 1% per month to self-discharge, to say nothing of the permanent loss of capacity with age. I thought that the LoRa technology discussed here gives a 5-year battery life with primary lithium cells. I gave some of the lithium-manganese dioxide primary cells to the F-86 Pilot fifteen years ago. They were marked good until 2022, which seemed far in the future. He squinted to read the fine print and said, “I hope that I don’t live that long.” Now he can say, “If I knew that I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

Empire is a self-optimizing resource-extraction, asset-stripping engine, with gears made of equity and debt, driven by greed, amorality, and hubris, lubricated with the blood of the peasants, that destroys air, water, soil and food to make money and power. I am cautiously optimistic that the problem of scarcity will be solved in my lifetime. That will have to include healthy food. I am not optimistic about the scalability of trust on your planet. I don’t have a problem with digging up resources, especially if they are recycled. Earth First! We’ll mine the other planets (and asteroids) later. I do have a problem with eating industrial chemicals.

The Extractive Circuit The Baffler

JonKnowsNothing January 10, 2022 8:28 AM


re: eat more eggs

In Omicron-Overrun California and in other locales, there has been an effort to get city ordinances amended to allow 1 or 2 hens(1) in residential areas.

Chickens are listed as “livestock” and “livestock” is not permitted in most cities. So you cannot have a pigs, goats, sheep or other livestock in your backyard or sharing your apartment.(2)

You can have pet birds, parrots, budgies, canaries but useful egg laying birds like chickens, ducks or geese are not permitted. Ducks and geese are too noisy for urban dwellers.

Some places are beginning to get the idea, that having 2 eggs/day * 7 days = 14 eggs (3) a week of food is not a bad thing. Especially for food-insecure families which is nearly everyone.

The push back is worry about Bird Influenza(4) which is highly contagious and outbreaks happen globally with full culls of all birds in the vicinity. The general view is that infected wild birds come to visit captive flocks passing along the infections. The concern is a backyard or apartment dwelling hen will contract and pass on Avian Influenza to humans or other birds.

A sad story recently about a man who lived in the country and had adopted a flock of wild ducks which roosted in his cottage with him. The authorities ruled the ducks were infected with Avian Influenza and seized and culled all of them.

Having a personal source of eggs, is not necessarily “cost effective”. The birds need feeding, care, regular veterinary inspection and treatment for parasites etc.

So it’s not a “cost savings” project. It is an eating project.


1) Sorry, roosters are excluded.

2) Eons ago, I drove past one of the more notorious mega mansions built by an early TechBro in Silicon Valley. It was in a no-livestock zone. I figured I could park my horse in a bedroom (24x24ft) and turn one of the living rooms into a Riding Hall and no one would ever know the horse was there. The Spanish Riding School Hall in Vienna is 180x59ft so plenty of room. Compost for the garden and all set.

3) Normally birds do not lay eggs during the cold, winter, short daylight period. So home birds will not have the same production during winter as summer. Commercial farms often run 24hr lights on the birds to force continued egg production during the winter period.

4) There are many forms of Avian Influenza and some of them can be transmitted to humans.

Winter January 10, 2022 8:47 AM

“When chickens ate grass-fed crickets and grasshoppers, worms and free-range mice, they got a lot more omega-3 in their diets. Those eggs are much healthier.”

The world has to feed 8B+ people. free-running chickens won’t make a dent into that. However, chicken eggs made from whatever food the chickens get will be Good Food™ and are a good source of vitamin D.

All the other options are way to expensive for the people who are most affected buy the pandemic.

As for blaming the victims of fast-food. I have been in the US recently and I was shocked at the prices in the supermarkets. Anything unprocessed were a luxury. Even whole grain sliced bread was expensive. I was told it was cheaper to order fast food delivery than to cook it yourself.

Most people in the US are simply unable to afford healthy food.

JonKnowsNothing January 10, 2022 9:08 AM

@ Winter, @Clive, @All


@C:   “What does this say for “Herd Immunity Policy”(HIP)…”

@W:   We get immune from the older, more dangerous variants. The latest strain proves to go the expected/hoped for route of trading off severity against fast infection.

A good number of scientists and the WHO, have pointed out (1, 2):

    It Ain’t Necessarily So

There are some viruses that have become “less severe”. In the case of human influenza virus, it mutates so fast they cannot keep up with the changes needed for the coming year. At the start of the year they run their models and make the best predictions of “who, what, where, when and how bad” and build vaccines based on the predictions. The jab you get in one place isn’t the same jab you get in another place because the predicted version of Influenza is different.

Viruses do not calculate “cost benefit” and don’t care who they infect.

Viruses respond to evolutionary pressures and opportunities for growth.

Viruses do not “trade off” benefits, severity or transmission rates. They optimize opportunities if it provides the easiest evolutionary path.

The raison d’être for a virus is to Keep On Truckin’ and do it any way it can.


1) There was an interesting exchange in the UK between a UK NHS MD and Sajid Javid UK Health secretary. Javid was able to keep a straight face during the exchange but the MD did not hold back about the scale of the problem.

h tt ps://ww w.theguardian.c o m /politics/2022/jan/08/nhs-doctor-challenges-sajid-javid-over-covid-vaccination-rules

2) The good news is GEN2, GEN3 stuff is coming. Some sooner than others. Some not panning out as hoped. Others showing OK results.

Search Term : COVID-19 vaccine clinical research

JonKnowsNothing January 10, 2022 9:37 AM

@Winter, @All

re: As for blaming the victims of fast-food. I have been in the US recently and I was shocked at the prices in the supermarkets. Anything unprocessed were a luxury. Even whole grain sliced bread was expensive. I was told it was cheaper to order fast food delivery than to cook it yourself.

A good number of people in USA do not know how to cook.

They have lived all their lives on fast food. Many live with insecure jobs and limited budgets and don’t have time to cook a “healthy meal” or even know what goes into one. (1)

Even tech workers don’t cook. Companies often “bring in food” or provide subsidized cafeterias. No cooking. (2a, 2b)

I am old enough to remember M$Ds at 19cents. It was amazingly cheap. Our family could buy a full meal for everyone for under $1.00USD. 4 burgers and 1 shared french fry.

Schools used to have classes where they taught basic cooking skills. They were gender segregated for many years and later became gender neutral. Basic cooking, food prep skills and a class cooked meal at the end of the period. Gone like cursive writing.


1) Definition of healthy meals often depends on who is President at the time as well as how much funding a school district gets to buy groceries.

2 a) I once heated up a pre-packaged frozen fish dinner in the microwave at work: fish, veggies, rice. I DID NOT do THAT again….

2 b) I used to buy a loaf of bread, some sandwich meat & cheese and a small squish bottle of mustard which I kept in a sack and placed in the Employee Fridge. I’d make my own sandwiches on lunch break.

One might have thought I was doing something wrong when I was told NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN.

So I kept the sack at my desk and made my sandwich sitting on a bench outside the building.

John January 10, 2022 9:57 AM


Healthy veggies do not rot, they dehydrate.

I have a butternut squash sitting in the kitchen for almost 2 years.

It has shrunken has not [yet?] rotted.


I am surprised no one has talked about how to measure or produce healthy produce. For one example Roland Bunch – “Soil Restoration”. Hard to read, but spot on.


Winter January 10, 2022 10:14 AM

“So I kept the sack at my desk and made my sandwich sitting on a bench outside the building.”

I always make my own sandwiches, and take them to work in a lunch box. That used to be common, but is less so now. However, that is just because I am a cheapskate. At my work, they do serve healthy food, and my co-workers are into healthy food anyway (amazing how many avocados are consumed).

“I am old enough to remember M$Ds at 19cents. It was amazingly cheap. ”

The Netherlands are famous for their ultra-cheap fast food:

Although the websites complain they are not everywhere, these shops are everywhere. They are just have different names.

null clam January 10, 2022 10:18 AM

Re: what is that, dunno tastes like chicken

There seems to be some kind of social component involved, you will sicken and probably die if you eat all the time out of restaurants and fast food, and yet you can survive a few years of cafeteria food at university, probably because you have some friends or at least acquaintances chowing down with you. Don’t forget to say grace.

Cooking at home, even bad cooking, seems to supply that social element, even if you are “alone”. It can be a cold shock to the system at first, but if you have a kitchen of any kind, you can learn to cook and cook well. There are movies celebrating people working through a certain famous cookbook, but it’s in its nature a commonplace and should be approached as such. As always, anything leaned, especially natural things (like food) will pay benefits in many other areas. Just will the good.

lurker January 10, 2022 11:49 AM

@John, Healthy veggies do not rot, they dehydrate.

Location, location, location.
Cool dry climates (OK – WY, Central Asia) food like that needs to keep until next growing season.

In humid tropical climates the air is laden with bacteria and fungi ready to make that butternut squash flow away as liquid in under a week. But then you can grow a replacement in not much more than a week, any time of year.

lurker January 10, 2022 11:53 AM

@Winter, “Next year, we will get them both.”

Please, Deity, can we have them both in the same bottle, same needle…

Winter January 10, 2022 12:07 PM

“Please, Deity, can we have them both in the same bottle, same needle…”

They really, really want to design a new flu jab that does not require life eggs. I hear that the mR technology is preferred.

Then they should be able to put them in a single needle.

John January 10, 2022 2:19 PM


I have not tried leeks or spinach.

Nutrient dense tomatoes keep for at least 2 years in a kitchen cabinet.

Take a look at He has pictures of tomatoes with the seeds inside actually sprouting after a year or so.

I started using his method many years ago now and that is what got me really started trying to grow ‘nutrient dense’ produce.

Now I do my own compost from leaves and twigs. This year I was the only one who grew really good butternut squash…. Me !! Amazing.

I also got a refractometer to measure produce. You can even measure eggs [the white]. I have measured from 12 for ‘store’ eggs. to 16.5 for farm eggs. You can also easily see the difference in yolk color.


Clive Robinson January 10, 2022 2:48 PM

@ ALL,

Re : Cooking,

Appart from when I was a wee un not old enough to go to school I’ve cooked all my life. Oh and even when a we un, I used to help clean the cake and buiscuit mix bowls 😉

As soon as I learnt to hold a crayon, I was taught how to use a washing up brush and butter my own bread (not both at the same time B-)

Holding and using a potato peeler cam next, and shortly after that using what some might call a pearing knife.

By the time I was seven my jobs were washing up, preping vegtables making tea/coffee for mum/dad and making my own breakfast and tea. Which within half a year was eggs every morning and sometimes bacon… Oh and by the time I was eight I also got the sunday morning full fry up to do.

By the time I was ten I could cook a two course meal for the whole family.

I knew about “danger foods” like cutting away the green in potatoes not eating the green on potato, tomato, rhubarb etc plants and beans should be soake for 24hours in winter and atleast 8hours in summer befor a vigourous boil for ten minutes for “coloured beans” (butter beans don’t need it which is why you can use them in slow cook foods).

During the early 1970’s with power cuts, the three day week and other distuption I learned “war time” and earlier cooking methods including “Hay box” cooking which I still do but without the hay as it makes the important parts of meat in the conective tissue break down and go into the cook liquid to thicken and nutritionaly enrich it way beyond what most would realise.

I knew the how and why of brining and soaking pork and beef, also how to boil down pigs feet and skin to make gelatin for making savoury like pigs head brawn and sweet in the summer time like jellies (jello) and trifles. Not sure when I learned to bake biscuits and cakes, probably when I was still knee high to “grasshopper”… But I do remember making my first pie with steak, kidneys and anchovy (the recipe called for oysters but they were no longer “poor person” food by then). And later “hot water pastry” for “raised pork pies”.

Pigs head brawn whilst tasty is not something for the squimish to make, but hey if you are under 12 you are curious. Plucking –defeathering by hand– drawing –eviserating– and later killing chickens was just something you did, even though the chickens had names…

In later life when strong enough I learnt how to turn 200 pounds of happy pig into a whole winters supply of meat and black (blood) pudings. Trust me the bit you have to be strongest for is shoving your arm up the you know where and cleaning it out with a hose pipe. Also butchering and brining is heavy work when dealling with a whole bellt. I eventually got into charcuterie, and trust me when I say why I know fat in meat is important.

None of this is dificult to do, though some people make it so by having measuring devices for every conceivable stage. Let me tell you the most important thing to know is “eggs” were the “Kitchen standard” for every other measure for weight and volume both dry and wet, for considerably more than a thousand years.

You don’t need “four eggs and 120g of fat, 120g of flour and 120g of sugar” to make a basic cake mixture… What you need is the weight of the four eggs you are using in fat, flour and sugar. If you look at “English recipes” you will find the standard weight measure is “two ounces” which was the weight of an average egg back then (now it would be “large” as eggs are a bit smaller these days due to the way we mass produce eggs). The point is the egg no matter how big or small is the prime measure you judge every thing else against.

I realy do not weigh things in the kitchen I just use what looks right or I know like “heaped table spoon”. Speaking of which who on this blog knows the difference between a heaped tabke spoon and a heaped dessert spoon when measuring flour for making say “pancake batter”?

I also know how to make jams(jelly) conserves, and fruit leathers and cheeses from just the raw ingredients of apples, honey and fruit. Speaking of cheeses the word does not mean what most think it does… But yes I hwve made what most would think of as cheese from cottage cheese –yuck– through to various hard cheeses that can take three to four years to mature.

None of this I consider difficult to do, and at one time every one knew how to cook and preserve and make soap from fat and ashes or if they could get it lye. The reason women did the cooking and washing in the home is that it educated the children in the home and helped keep them disease free during winter as the kitchen and boiler was where the warmth is and generally safe. Whilst the boys and men did the brute work of agriculture including moving of crops, mucking out, managing the beasts, horses, oxen, and similar needing rather more than a shove from time to time. Cooking in inns and taverns was usually done by the men as it was heavy and hot work and actually quite dangerous.

It scares me just how much we “are encouraged to forget” for the sake of profit by a self select few. Oh and as we forget, we get further exploited becsuse we do not have the choice knowledge brings us.

null clam January 10, 2022 2:48 PM

@ John

Re: nutrient dense website

Thanks for this information. I have “nibbled” around the periphery of diet based health, such as Gerson therapy, and it seems the prerequisite, namely truly organic nutrient dense food, is getting harder and harder to find commercially. (Gerson said in the 1920’s it wasn’t necessary to specify “organic” food for his diet, all food was.)

Proper sanitation and healthy diet has done more for health than any pharmaceuticals, which are secondary measures, and not without adverse side effects, that only work if the body can mount a healthy immune response.

pup vas January 10, 2022 2:52 PM

Danish spy chief detained over ‘highly sensitive’ leak

=The chief of Denmark’s Defense Intelligence Service (FE), Lars Findsen, has been held in custody for more than a month over an apparent leak, it was revealed on Monday.

Local media said the leak involved “highly sensitive” information. It follows allegations last year that Danish intelligence colluded with the US National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on European leaders and private Danish citizens.=

See as well related
Spying among friends? Sadly, it’s the norm

=Denmark has now been added to the unofficial list of states who are believed to have treated supposedly friendly countries as if they were enemies. From 2012 to 2014, Germany’s northern neighbor is said to have assisted the National Security Agency (NSA) in spying on the electronic communications of prominent German politicians: Chancellor Angela Merkel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier — then foreign minister, now German president — and Peer Steinbrück, the Social Democrats’ chancellor candidate in the 2013 election.=

You never know when your friend working for LEA is on or off duty when you communicating with each other.

John January 10, 2022 4:17 PM


Off hand, I don’t know the size difference between a tablespoon and a dessert spoon :).

@null clam,

The Gerson method is a great way to return to health. I eventually got an enema bag and I think that is what saved me from the last ‘event’. You can also read more about that method in Moser’s How and when to be your own doctor.

Edible clays, while they have been used for thousands of years are almost ignored now. I do Redmond,UT clay according to the directions in ‘we eat clay’.

Jarvis’ ‘Folk medicine’ and his other pubs are also a worthwhile reads. has a LOT of really good stuff in their ‘farm library’ sub directory.

Steve Solomon’s website: also has some pretty profound stuff.



SpaceLifeForm January 10, 2022 5:24 PM

Tastes like free range chicken

Or eggs.

Except when that is not true.

It’s worse when the roosters are genetically sub-performant.

Vary your diet, like a free range chicken. Insects are yummy.

These data show that Pallid-winged grasshoppers, Rhinoceros beetles and White-lined sphinx moths were good sources of most known nutrients including all essential amino acids, most minerals and most vitamins.

null clam January 10, 2022 6:44 PM

Dept. of Another Day, Another Demo-gogic Rant

“Google for the last several years has been pushing a new communications protocol called Rich Communication Services, or RCS, which is designed to replace the current SMS standard. RCS offers support for higher resolution photos and videos, audio messages, bigger file size, improved encryption, and more. … ”

I’m going to try to learn smoke signaling.

Clive Robinson January 10, 2022 7:36 PM

@ lurker,

food like that needs to keep until next growing season.

That’s where some forms of rotting can be your friend….

Think what goes on with fermentation and I don’t mean good beer or cider, think Kim Chee. Which I happen to like a lot and thankfully I live close to the largest commnity of Korean’s in the UK. Which is next to the Japanese –don’t ask– and a little bit to the north west Thai and Vietnamese communities. So I have quite a selection of real raw food stuffs within what might be xonsidered a healthy couple of hours walk there and back (not that I can do healthy walks any longer thanks in part to a misspent youth but more recently to the prescribing of the wrong statin which caused atleast a 50% loss of muscle mass).

@ John

Edible clays, while they have been used for thousands of years are almost ignored now.

Yes that biblical “little peck of dirt” which you unavoidably get on home grown vegetables.

As for being “ignored” well it’s because like many things, the self selected few do not want you to know, so they can make vast profits from selling you something they can patent etc.

Oh look into a certain French “blue veined” –looks green-blue– cheese that is matured in caves. The Roquefort cheese gets it’s vein characteristics from “penicillium roqueforti” a relative of the penicillin mould. Although it does not produce penicillin, it has both antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties, French sheep farmers in the region knew of the befits of using it in poltices to help wounds heal long prior to WWI.

Also Roquefort cheese has a high content of free glutamate. Some believe that the glutamate therefor the cheese is a natural “smart drug”.

Oh and what ever you do, DO NOT keep the cheese near grains and grain products like bread. The mould can grow on grains fairly easily, however when it does it produces a fairly toxic mycotoxin called PR-toxin, that critically effects the livers ability to function. Whilst the LD50 in humans is unknown currently, in some animal tests it’s been shown to be 2mg/kg. But that’s not the Roquefort moulds only fun trick… It also produces a neurological active chemical Roquefortine C (think poor mans never agent ;-). Although quite active, the levels produced in cheese are considerd “safe” unless you are a gram positive bacteria…

But decidedly unsafe to humans if it grows on grains… This highlights one of the issues of “natural medicines” as a by product of living pathogens, they do not come for free, and what comes with them is dependent on the environment and sometimes you realy do not want it.

So storing Roquefort in a sack/bag with bread causing almost ideal growing conditions could be decidedly deliterious to health, though putting Roquefort in a sandwich is bot going to hurt you.

If you are lucky you can get the genuine Roquefort cheese with it’s full range of anti-biotic effects. Sadly most “Roquefort” outside of Europe and especially in the US is not genuine Roquefort…

But having seen the potential dowbsides of “uncontroled” growth of potebtial pathogebic organisms, how about the “upside under controled” conditions… Have a look into such unpleasent sounding things like fecal transplants and phage therapy.

Oh but it’s not all microorganisms, surgeons have returned to the use of leaches and even maggots to improve outcomes.

SpaceLifeForm January 10, 2022 9:08 PM

@ null clam, Clive, ALL

I’m going to try to learn smoke signaling.

Avoid the smoke. That is long distance.

Try the drums instead, and avoid the long distance toll charges.

There is some really weird stuff happening via SS7 these days. Very weird.

In other words, what I am saying: no SMS

Do not text. No Voice Mail.

Face to face comms. Like in the olden daze.

There are bots on SS7, and you can spot them.

It may look like it is from someone you know, but it may be totally fake. That includes phone calls.

Remember, CISA folk met offline to discuss the Solarwinds breach.

Pay attention to writing style and timing.

JonKnowsNothing January 10, 2022 9:30 PM


re: amazing how many avocados are consumed

DownInTheUnderTow and some other like minded governments, they blame people who cannot afford to purchase a home on their ordering “avocado toast” at restaurants.

When I pay my housing cost there is no way on the planet I could consume THAT much “avocado toast” in a month. You would need to save “avocado toast funds” from 6,000-7,000 orders to make a 10% down payment here.

Give avocado+pesto a try….

ResearcherZero January 10, 2022 11:28 PM

@vas pup

“I want the charges brought forward and I plead not guilty. This is completely insane,” Findsen told reporters at the hearing, where a judge decided to extend Findsen’s custody until Feb. 4, according to newswire Ritzau.

Not wanting to be outdone, Australia Prime Minister decides to chuck someone under a bus, an act which may be performed at a Minister’s discretion…

Scott Morrison says in the case of Novak Djokovic and the decision by the Australian Border Force to reject his entry into Australia.

“Mr Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled. Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders,” Mr Morrison tweeted.

“No one is above these rules. Our strong border policies have been critical to Australia having one of the lowest death rates in the world from COVID, we are continuing to be vigilant.”

“I also want to stress, that ultimately, this is the responsibility of the traveller. It is for the traveller to be able to assert and back up their ability to come into the country consistent with our laws.”

A judge rejected Australian authorities’ request to delay tennis star Novak Djokovic’s court hearing until Wednesday as he prepares to challenge a decision to cancel his visa.

As a result, government lawyers will have defend their decision to bar entry to Djokovic, the world’s No. 1 men’s player, over his Covid-19 vaccination status on Monday as planned.

Federal Circuit and Family Judge Anthony Kelly did not say in a ruling dated Saturday why authorities had sought to delay the hearing until five days before Australian Open, at which Djokovic hopes to win his 21st Grand Slam title.

His lawyer Nick Wood argued that Djokovic had indeed followed all the rules. “What is someone in Mr. Djokovic’s position supposed to understand?” Wood asked the judge. “Any reasonable person would understand, and he did understand, that he had ticked absolutely every box.”

Judge Anthony Kelly agreed, ruling quickly that authorities’ action to cancel the star athlete’s visa was “unreasonable” and that the “back and forth” between various levels of government was a waste of time. “The point that I’m somewhat agitated about is, what more could this man have done,” Kelly told the court. “The transcript is replete with statements by Mr. Djokovic saying, ‘If you will let me talk to people, though you’ve taken my phone from me, I will try and get you what you want’.”

Djokovic had received a medical exemption to compete in this month’s Australian open where he hopes to win his 21st Grand Slam title later this month.

MarkH January 11, 2022 1:42 AM


“Vaxing is now futile”

WHERE do you get your information?????

Early data derived from the present “wave” indicates that people with 3 mRNA doses appear to have a dramatically (better than factor of 5) reduced incidence of hospitalization with Covid.

Winter January 11, 2022 2:52 AM

“Early data derived from the present “wave” indicates that people with 3 mRNA doses appear to have a dramatically (better than factor of 5) reduced incidence of hospitalization..”


JonKnowsNothing January 11, 2022 3:56 AM

@Winter, @MarkH, @SpaceLifeForm, @Clive, @All etc

re: Info on duration/durability

note: I dunno where SLF gets his info

There are conflicting reports about the duration/durability of the current approved lots in 5EY + EU. There are many other lots approved in other countries and some data is available on the duration/durability of those items.

There are two sorts of reports:

1) Op-Ed reports by noted scientists, MDSs, political personages.
2) Scientific papers of varying degrees of scope examining duration/durability.

Type 2 can be divided into 2 subgroups:

2a) Direct experimental results. Lab testing and hardcore research analysis.
2b) Database scraping and historical analysis with forecasts on current or near-term outcomes.

For Type 1: A not uncommon view is: All Will Be Fine In the Spring.

For Type 2 both 2a and 2b: There is historic and recent history data scraping comparing different virus loads, mutations and lab results with interpolation on the results.

In group 2a) the findings of different lots durability/duration depend on which lots and which time periods and which mutations are being evaluated. Scope is also a factor.

For group 2a) a more common result is: Lot 1 will stop you from dying but the lot does not have the duration/durability originally published: 12 months. The true duration has been declining from 6mo, 4mo, 2mo. A second lot will jump the durability up significantly but the duration continues to decline after 6-8 weeks fading towards zero so another lot is needed after 2mo intervals.

How often that cycles depends on the lot, the government, population and geographical location. In some places there are still issues with Lot 1. Some places have good percentages of Lots 1+2, and fair percentages at Lots 1+2+3. In some areas Lots 1+2+3+4(+5) are in cycle.

If the lots used in 5EY+EU continue to be the same existing lots, group 2 (a+b) predict a 6-8 week cycle will be needed to stay afloat. It is highly improbably that such a cycle could be implemented under the current conditions.

There are many new lots under development and today one of the major current lot providers reported that they will be tweaking their lot for Omicron with ETA March 2022. It was unclear if that is for P1 trials or going direct jab-in-arm.

The duration/durability of all lots under development, both new or tweaked, is unknown. Most of them were started under a previous mutation, how many can shift to a new mutation without jeopardizing their P1, P2, P3 trials in not really known but the research published more often references the original mutation target at time of development with caveats on new(er) mutations.

A good place to find summary data is from the CDC-type organization in the geographic area (if any). The data is still in raw format or truncated presentation and does not encompass all possibilities. Reinfection Rates if present can be a useful indicator.

Winter January 11, 2022 4:16 AM

“There are conflicting reports about the duration/durability of the current approved lots in 5EY + EU. ”

Spain is likely going to test a way out:


Basically, governments are looking for a time point where those who refuse to listen are left to experience the results of their choices.

That point is determined by the capacity of the health care system to keep functioning while the fools finally get what they so desperately asked for: Freedom to get seriously ill.

Clive Robinson January 11, 2022 5:12 AM

@ null clam, SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re “Google’s man” and “Green bubbles”…

It’s nonsence by Google, they are drumning it up to push a position that will favour them and network service providers. Call it what it is,

Commercial Propaganda

Oh and don’t forget behind the scenes Google is spending a lot of money to become a network service provider to the world via sub sea cables whilst others such as Starlink are going up up and away into space, where the inherent delay will limit certain interactive services.

But… on the face of it,

“Google for the last several years has been pushing a new communications protocol called Rich Communication Services, or RCS, which is designed to replace the current SMS standard.”

Would appear reasonable as Google did not design RCS and it’s a “standard”. But there is more behind it than that hence all the “interoperability” nonsence from Google.

I’m not going to go into all the details but RCS is a security disaster waiting to happen. Some of the people who designed it know darn well it will be a security disaster that is adventageous to both Corporate and Government “collect it all” policies.

But there is also the network providers, as some know in some places even basic SMS is “metered” or even charged for. What some call “Picture SMS” is very lucrative with some providers charging well over the equivalent of $1 for a low quality picture as it’s a “data service” not a “SMS service”.

Which brings us back to the “green bubble” nonsense.

When Apple designed the system the different coloured bubbles served as a “warning” with regards not just “cost” but “security”.

I guess they got the idea in part from web browsers and the coloured locks / bars / borders warrning you not just if it was HTTPS over HTTP but what type of HTTPS Certificate is in play.

This “Green bubble bullying” Google is “drumming up” is in part because Google can not mine iMessages, and iMessages are “free” not “metered”.

But if Apple start supporting RCS, Google can force RCS to let them mine messages, just as they can totally insecure SMS messages currently. In so doing they alow not just themselves and the network service providers to “mine” RCS messages, they also allow those shady inbetween organisations you’ve never heard of that currently provide the SMS interoperating to take over RCS and not just “mine” but “meter” as well[1].

RCS is a “too little, to late” and actually a very insecure protocol. When you dig into it, you will find it’s been designed by the telco industry for not just the telco industry to make money, but because the telco industry has embedded SigInt personnel in it’s “Standards Committees”, so the SigInt agencies agendas are very high in it’s requirments as well…

But getting back to the “green bubble” bullying, call it what it realy is drumed up “tribalism”.

History shows that there are people who will latch onto any, even almost impossibly minute, difference to beat up on other people. If Apple took out the Green Bubble the bullying would still continue the bullies and “status divas” would just find something else to use to bully.

If “Google’s man” is realy “too dumb to know” this, maybe he should go find a job more in keeping with his tallents, say as a junior “Mall Cop”.

[1] Remember all the nonsense about opening Signal out… It was about making Signal pick up the bill for all the backend servers etc, so others could “free load” off of them.

John January 11, 2022 5:59 AM


I was making my own bread from freshly ground wheat berries. From what I can deduce it got contaminated by aflatoxin!!

Almost killed me!. Still having a few effects. Thus my even more serious interest in nutrition.

I am finally sleeping through most of the night.

I really like the depth of your shares.

Sounds like you live in one the best places in the world. Me, Concord, NH not exactly a mecca!!

warm regards,

Clive Robinson January 11, 2022 6:40 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, MarkH, JonKnowsNothing, Winter, All,

With regards to,

Vaxing is now futile.


WHERE do you get your information?????

Sadly the truth of it is,

1, 25% loss of effectivness 10 weeks after booster jab.
2, Upto 3 weeks from jab to lifted effectivness.

So 7 weeks of effective immune system lift in a winter respiritory disease season that lasts 12-20 weeks depending on where you are and what the prevailing weather is like, with “mild” 4-6C daily average tempratures in a maritime climate being the worst.

There was a report from the UK Government published on the day before christmas –I assume to avoid the press– that gave the bad news about booster shot effectiveness decline. I gave a link to it above on this blog page just over 24hours ago,

Winter January 11, 2022 7:24 AM

“Sadly the truth of it is,”

You are confusing the protection of others with the protection of one self. These shots have several effects and not all of them decline the same way.

The protection of others declines considerably with time, but not exactly towards “NULL”. However, the protection of one self remains pretty good to the point that your chances of keeping out of the hospital are 8+ times as high even a year later.

Winter January 11, 2022 7:31 AM

“I was making my own bread from freshly ground wheat berries. From what I can deduce it got contaminated by aflatoxin!!”

Food safety is not trivial. Food poisoning is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. All-natural plants can be pretty poisonous, e.g., under-cooked beans, green potatoes.

Wheat moulds (e.g., ergot) are, indeed, renowned for their deadliness.


Clive Robinson January 11, 2022 8:04 AM

@ John,

From what I can deduce it got contaminated by aflatoxin!!

Yes it’s not easy to detect as the metabolic byproducts are very short lived in urine etc. It’s a particularly nasty mycotoxin attacking just about all living animals and frequently the liver in mammals. Worse the fungus grows just about anywhere and without certain fungicides there is little or nothing that can be done to stop it once it is in your soil.

Outbreaks appear much more frequently in the news than they used to. If that is due to the ghoulish nature of the MSM, an actual increase, or just better detection I don’t know.

But I do remember a major event “hitting the news” this time last year. When US pet food manufacturer “Midwestern Pet Foods” were found to have killed atleast seventy pet dogs with their dog food that had become contaminated by aflatoxin…

One issue is that it can pop up in milk, eggs, poultry and some red meat from the injestion by live stock of contaminated animal feed. Whilst controls on human foods is much much higher than on commercial animal feed, there is a compleate lack of testing in non commercial feed, especially in farm grown feed such as hay…

For those growing food at home, they need to be aware that all forms of natural “mulch” used to both feed plants and reduce water needs can be contaminated with the moulds that produce the various aflatoxins.

I hope your recovery progresses swiftly.

As for where I live, it’s main characteristics are dank, grey and dismal most of the year, high levels of polution due to busses and lorries. With unfortunately the attendant lung diseases caused by the nitrous oxides that you can actually see by the brownish tinge they give the air… There was a reason London and it’s surounds were known as “The big smoke” and whilst the burning of coal has virtually stopped and we don’t have “Pea Souper Fogs” that were common when I was a child, the abundance of nitrous oxides and micro particulates gives way to many children avoidable respiratory diseases which are still way to prevelant… Oh and the pottable water supplied by Thames Water is truly awful taste wise, it’s called “Hard watter” and is full of minerals that “fur up pipes” and cause hard to remove “soap scum”. But the taste is “dead” hence many people either buy botteled water or use filter jugs. And yes even when you make tea or coffee with it you can still easily taste the difference…

Curious January 11, 2022 8:16 AM

Btw, I am reading on twitter today, someone making the point that panda bears have fingerprints nearly indistinguishable from those of human beings. Sounds weird imo, but perhaps it is true. 🙂

Curious January 11, 2022 8:19 AM

Oof. I made a mistake, how did I miss it.
Koala bears! Not Panda bears.

So, referring to my former comment about Panda bears having fingerprints allegedly having fingerprings nearly indistinguishable from those of human beings.

I should have referred to them as Koala bears. 😐

(Feel free to delete my former comment moderator of today.)

Clive Robinson January 11, 2022 8:54 AM

@ Curious

Koala bears! Not Panda bears.

So now you are blaiming the Aussies;-)

Both are by the way extreamly dull whitted creatures due to their diet.

If I remember correctly Koala’s eat more cyanide per kg of body mass than any other mammal.

John January 11, 2022 9:25 AM

@Clive, @Winter,

That toxin experience lead me eventually to the subject of ‘binders’.

You feed bad grain to cows along with ‘binders’ [clay] that makes the grain less deadly.

Apparently the ‘yeast’ used in making bread is somewhat of a ‘binder’? I have yet to find any real data. Properly done sourdough is even better. That is what I was trying to do. Real sourdough often cures Celiac ‘disease’. Apparently by modifying gut bacteria.

All that considered, ‘commercial milk cows’ last maybe 18 months. If cows eat just pasture they are productive more than a decade!

warm regards,

EvilKiru January 11, 2022 10:00 AM

@Clive: > Difference between a heaping teaspoon vs. tablespoon.

From what I recall from when my mom taught me to cook when I was 14,

For a heaping teaspoon, use a spoon sized for both tea stirring and dessert eating, not an undersized tea-stirring-only spoon (in which case the sugar bowl has the correct-sized spoon).

For a heaping tablespoon, use a regular sized spoon for eating soup, not an oversized soup/serving spoon.

Ckive Robinson January 11, 2022 10:53 AM

@ null clam, SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Further on “Green Bubbles” and other numpty commercial propaganda by “Googel’s man”

Remember RCS is a standard by telcos for telcos and SigInt agencies to hover up data on an industrial basis.

Well there is a flip side which is Apple’s “Private Relay” service, that stops the telcos and google data mining and metering. Well the telcos are up in arms and quite deliberatly blocking it and making claims about “data sovereignty” and simmilar, all because it stops their money/power grab of you PPI…

Chris January 11, 2022 11:15 AM

Someone recently told me separate accounts/passwords are going to be replaced by crypto wallets. So instead of different accounts on every site/service, we’ll use a single crypto wallet to login everywhere. This seems like a big security risk to me because it is a single point of failure and if your crypto wallet is compromised, you lose everything. We intentionally use different passwords on different sites so any security problem is contained.

Am I wrong?

null clam January 11, 2022 11:30 AM

@ Clive Robinson all

Re: telcos and RCS

The Wikipedia article on RCS states

“In October 2019, the four major U.S. carriers announced an agreement to form the “Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative” to jointly implement RCS using a newly developed app. This service will be compatible with the Universal Profile.[21] However, both T-Mobile and AT&T later signed deals with Google to replace their messaging app with Google’s own Messages app.”

which does not at least to me exactly encourage trust.

sam January 11, 2022 11:37 AM

@null clam
…compatible with the Universal Profile.[21] However, both T-Mobile and AT&T later signed deals with Google to replace their messaging app with Google’s own Messages app

Google will, of course, collect as much data from that as they can.

But what is the “Universal Profile”?

BT January 11, 2022 11:54 AM

@Chris, on accounts/passwords replaced by crypto wallets

Might also not work on sites that expect the password to be changed every so often? Or cases where user would want to change his login credentials?

Chris January 11, 2022 12:51 PM

@EvilKiru Thanks, could you elaborate on the security risk? Does it go beyond what I identified? Privacy I get: everything you do on-chain will be visible to everyone, nicely collected under a single address for easy tracking.

@BT I think the assumption is that if sites are going to rip out their existing account/password systems, periodic password changes and login changes will go away. You could presumably make multiple wallets and sign in with different wallets on different sites, but the person who pitched this to me was talking about a single wallet, like we use a single government issue photo ID.

Curious January 11, 2022 1:00 PM

When I read this below, I am thinking, well surely there has to be a demand for accounting of who has what information, so that say a third party don’t get to just get to own a copy, in past, present, or future, from Interpol. Otherwise, what is the point of deleting data if the data still lingers on in other forms elsewhere?

(“EU orders Europol to delete data on citizens who have not committed crimes”)

“Europol, the law enforcement agency of the European Union (EU), has been ordered today to delete its massive database of information on EU citizens that it collected in recent years if the agency did not link subjects to any ongoing criminal activity.”

Clive Robinson January 11, 2022 2:00 PM

@ Sam, ALL,

But what is the “Universal Profile”?

“The Universal Profile contains core features such as capability discovery

That “Capability Discovery” should scare you, because it alows the “network” full access to things you realy would not want it to have like your “phone book” and logs, and it all travels across the network in “plaintext” so anyone who cares to look can see it or even request it… As I’ve said RCS is a security nightmare waiting to happen…

And it is all coming to a 5G phone near you right now as the “GSM Association”(GSMA) says it has to…

Oh have a look at the title of that GSMA page @BT gave you,

“The industry standard for RCS Business Messaging, ensuring the telecoms industry remains at the centre of digital communications

If that does not make your blood run chill in your veins I’m not sure what will… Because they are going to not just push the fees up as high as possible by every underhanded trick they’ve come up with in the past century, they are also going to “Data Rape, Pillage and Plunder” you every which way they can and they will buy off every legislator they can to stop you stopping them…

Clive Robinson January 11, 2022 2:49 PM

@ null clam,

which does not at least to me exactly encourage trust.

Does it invoke fear?

If not then as @SpaceLifeForm has occasionaly said “you are not paying attention”.

The Telco’s have been pushed to the fringe by being effectively forced to give data only service for rapidly decreasing prices and watching their premium rate services be replaced by data services. They have decided they want to go back to the old days where they charged a fortune for giving next to nothing. They want that high profit “Do as we say and be grateful lest we take action against you” high status time back, and they want it with vengence.

It’s been comming for much of this century, but most people have not been seeing the signs[1] and even if you pointed then out, the chances are most would say you are being paranoid.

Why it should all suddenly come to a head around Apple is anybodies guess, I must admit I was not expecting it. I know Apple do tend to end up being “the lightening rod” for various reasons, but there is I suspect an organised plan on the old military advice[2].

Any way the telcos want not just control and status, they want actual power over people so they do not get dethroned again.

But it’s not just the Telcos, as most should have realised by now, the National Sigint and IC entities have pushed their “technical people” into “standards committees”. They did this by the simple process of making it “their primary job” and giving them very many hidden support services, rather than as happens in industry, where it’s often considered an unimportant job perk an engineer does in their own time.

The result is highly undesirable for citizens and society…

[1] There is a saying about “The three sign posts to disaster” which approximately says,

“All the signs are visable with hindsight, but at the time, the first sign is only visable to a very astute few, the second is visable to those who are paying sufficient attention, and the third is missed by only those that wish to be fooled.”

Lets just say we are beyond the second sign…

[2] The saying is,

Once is hapanstance,
Twice is coincidence,
Thrice is enemy action.

JonKnowsNothing January 11, 2022 3:04 PM

@Curious, @All

re: Europol Data Store: What is the point of deleting data if the data still lingers on in other forms elsewhere?

iirc(badly) That might have a number of interpretations.

After ESnowden Released the Kraken on what was at the time illegal activities of NSA and 5EYs, resulting in the validation of claims of NSA illegal activities from years previously, some “data retention thresholds” were established with the public facing view that after n-years the data would be erased and purged from the systems.

At that time, we thought All’s Quiet on the Western Front. Alas, not so.


In the USA we have more departments of law enforcement than stores in mega malls. Federal, State, Local and mixed use agencies. Each agency gets a tap on some or all of the collected data. Data can be collected from many sources, and the time-alive stamp varies on how and where the data was acquired.

Shortly after the enactment of the time-alive stamp, reports surfaced of how the NSA+Co+5Ey+Others all worked it out to their satisfaction. Jurisdictional time stamps vary from LEA to LEA and the data must be held for the duration of the max-time for each LEA.

The short calculation was: 30 years.

That’s 30 years before any possible purge.

Since that time, the illegal activities have been retro-granted legal status and the collection goes on. Local police departments often use “trial or preview data collection surveillance systems” without entering a contract to buy. Contracts to buy would normally undergo review but Stingray/DrtBx uses are indications that the “reviews many not happen within any current time frame or epoch”.

  We are just looking.
    Indeed they are.

EvilKiru January 11, 2022 3:12 PM

@Chris: The single point of failure issue you raised was secondary behind my primary concern of the total loss of privacy, because using a password wallet like I do also has a single point of failure attack mode and being forced to use a single block chain crypto means I wouldn’t be able to use multiple, divergent IDs or emails.

Or would it?

Does anything block me from having multiple block-chain crypto credentials?

Chris January 11, 2022 3:30 PM

@EvilKiru Even though it runs counter to the “vision” of what I was pitched, practically speaking I don’t see how they could prevent you from using as many blockchain crypto credentials as you want.

null clam January 11, 2022 3:45 PM

@ Clive Robinson

Re: fear, paying attention

I was practicing understatement in speech with the remark about “trust”. Actually, for what it’s worth, probably not much, my gut instinct for several years, since about 1 week after I first picked up a mobile, can be summarized as “lemme outa here !”, and “isn’t there some way I can do this remote communication without intermediate organizations of inscrutable mystery”. But not having any technical grip I am doomed to follow the wide road to perdition. Saint WSJT pray for us !

Clive Robinson January 11, 2022 4:18 PM

@ EvilKiru, Chris,

Does anything block me from having multiple block-chain crypto credentials?

There is no “technical reason” but it does rather depend on who the “Gate Keeper” is…

As you yourself note,

being forced to use a single block chain crypto means I wouldn’t be able to use multiple, divergent IDs or emails.

Nearly every Government on the face of this planet will have people in places of power to say “single ID”. You see it with your Social Security number, Your Passport number, Driving licence, etc etc. It gives them power over you in what they see as “their jurisdiction” (not yours).

If you look at history the power of excommunication, exile, banishment, and simple “sending to Coventry” and “turning the back” were very very powerful weapons of social control, that some crave for in every way if not more today.

If you look at cults, they have a simple process,

1, Seperate you from anyone outside the cult.
2, Make you dependent on the cult for friends, family and most other needs via other members.
3, Threaten or actually stop contact with cult members as a method of control and punishment.

So “Do as I say or be in issolation / purgatory”. Governments are no different in this respect

So any ID blockchain will have a gatekeeper, who has power which makes it a “social” not “technical” issue, as many things these days are.

Clive Robinson January 12, 2022 1:03 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

What I was alluding to (and not being clear) is the dynamic in the US, and what is happening in Goodvaxfield and what is happening in Novaxland.

It’s difficult to be clear about something that changes in a very nonlinear fashion…

If a resident of Novaxland has not gotten even one jab by now, they likely never will and will likely be facing Delta.

Whilst the first part of that statment is true, the second is probably long gone now.

The spread rate or reproduction ratio for Delta is depending on which varients and who you listen to between 1/3rd and 1/6th of Omicron.

If you are “novel” to SARS-2 then you will get which ever crosses your path first that is sufficient to infect you. Which brings up the dynamic of “viral load” and “where in the respiritory” tract you get infected most easily. Delta is low down in the respiritory tract and Omicron high in the respiritory tract. Being high in the tract for Omicron on average you need less viral load to be infected by it.

So in situations where your breathing is shallow your risk ratio of infection is different to when you are breathing more heavily.

So Omicron gets favourd when you are sitting down at rest, and the risks are similar when standing up in a noisy environment where you are nearly shouting to be heard.

So you have to add in the fact that people who are “sheltering at home” are many more times likely to get Omicron not Delta but not spread them significantly. However those that socialize in bars and organised events are going to spread both almost equally and significantly, with the worst probably being organised events with people singing, chanting or shouting out slogans (hence super spreaders).

So you have to equate “Novaxland” social behaviours into the equation. Which based on what I’ve been led to believe by MSM means they are at more risk with either Omicron or Delta. But with Omicron being less patgogenic and being more asymptomatic or having mild “cold like” symptoms means Omicron will get the upper had much faster in Novaxland, where “Bars-n-Church” feature more strongly in social activities.

Trying to model this with first order modeling is very difficult and the word “chaotic” has a deeper meaning than most would realise, and the legendary “butterfly wings” come into effect…

But… There is another fly in the ointment. Which was seen in Brazile which is the break through question. Many are making an assumption that getting one SARS-2 variant gives you immunity to all SARS-2 variants… That is if you’ve had Omicron you won’t get Delta… We do not yet have any evidence for that assumption. However we do have evidence of the opposit from Brazil with other SARS-2 varients. We’ve also seen fast repeate reinfection where it looks like you get varient A then varient B then are highly susceptible to any other varient than B. Which of several known mechanisms is at play here is not known.

My advice is that Omicron has a wider spread area susceptability than Delta but as area is actually volumetric in unrestricted environments it’s an r^3 rather than r^2 effect so viral load drops quite quickly with the cube root of 3 is 1.44 and 6 is 1.81 so outside the infective range is between 40-80% larger than Delta. But in a restrictive environment such as an air conditioning duct the viral load drops at a very different rate and the difference effectively due to other effects. With equal viral load in the air you will get Omicron more easily in a calm social environment because it infects the upper respiritory tract, in less calm environments where respiration is deeper the difference is going to be smaller to negligable.

Which gives the unpleasant possibility of having both infect you coincidently. This posibility has come up in Europe with the notion of what some are calling “Deltacron”. The current general thinking is it’s “lab cross contamination” rather than “real mutation”.

Lets hope they are right, because a varient as infectious as Omicron and as pathogenic as Delta would be a nightmare. Because it would cause medical care to flatline and the scenes from India where that happened would be repeated in WASP narions but a lot worse, then other First world nations such as Continental Europe. With a real fatality rate up in the low X per hundred of the original variants rather than the X per hundred thousand or lower of Omicron.

JonKnowsNothing January 12, 2022 1:28 AM


re:Test Results Document: Live or Memorex?

For those who are not keen on watching folks bat balls over and into a fish net or have the same blah reaction to tennis as watching groups of people pound a few strides up and down a wood floor attempting to “throw the ball thru the hoop” when the taller players can stuff their entire arms and upper bodies through the “hoop” no tossing needed, one of the BIG EVENTS in tennis is about to birth in Melbourne AU during a huge outbreak of Omicron: The Australian Open.

Australia gave up the zero-covid option some time back and are now overrun with Delta and Omicron. The rules for entry to the country vary by day and sometimes minute. One of the rules is: You must be vaccinated.

One prominent world player has a NoVax+occasional+NoMask personal policy. This policy is in conflict with the AU Rules.

We all know rules are there to be broken.

So, as the count-down to the event is getting closer to wallop-day, it wasn’t too surprising that NoVax+occasional+NoMask got a pass into AU.

Then things got messy and it’s still a huge mess.

As part of the mess, Der Spiegel wrote a detailed article strongly hinting that the “official submitted paper work is incorrect, might be forged, might be manipulated”.

This part is actually interesting. It’s not a deep fake because the overall details look legit. What’s in question are:

  • Timestamps are wrong or inconsistent with normal time which doesn’t run backwards.
  • Consecutive Serial Numbers are not consecutive.
  • Social Media Pictures show the person to be in another place during a period when the paperwork says they were Home Alone.

The whole thing is a complete mess and it’s not getting any tidier.


h ttp s:/ /www.sp iegel. de/international/world/novak-djokovic-were-the-results-of-his-positive-pcr-test-manipulated-a-cf3e7344-e98f-4fc3-8bb3-7727d4795e97

Winter January 12, 2022 3:52 AM

“A quick overview read. Comments from around the world.”

Comments were disabled when I looked. But it is quite possible that this is the last wave of concern. The worry is that this wave still can break the system. Currently, the quarantines are the problem with some services being curtailed for lack of personal.

Clive Robinson January 12, 2022 4:59 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing,

With regards getting squished and kicked to the gutter, yes like a blind spring chicken it’s head was poped up an it got clipped.

But the thing that got me was the important message was shorter than the title…

WHO would have predicted that…

Freezing_in_Brazil January 12, 2022 7:05 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm


Re crazy(?) weather/heat wave

I’m a little confused by the coverage. I don’t see anything surprising for January. It is common for high pressure systems to park over this area of the continent in the summer and cause adiabatic heating. This is characteristic of the continentality of central South America. Think Kansas. 🙂

In the state of São Paulo, where I live [northeast of the current heat wave] it has been a very cool and pleasant summer [so far]. We had the coolest December in two decades, and nighttime temperatures are still bellow 18C (64F), consistently, since December. This is surprising. I must say that the southeast and south of Brazil are regions of high lands and a climate that is cooler than their latitudes might suggest [You may have heard about the snowstorms in Southerns Brazil while Canada was boiling last year].

Notwithstanding, I expect this anticyclone to migrate eastward [as it is also characteristic] and end up hitting me next week. Boy, I do hate hot weather.


Clive Robinson January 12, 2022 7:42 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, Freezing_in_Brazil,

Do not be surprised if you surpass it multiple times soon.

The key indicators are not so much the maximum highs or lows, but a mixture of the range, and how fast you go from one end to the other.

If you think of the energy movment involved with a swing, you are making nuclear bombs look a little tame in comparison. Hence the amount of destructive force. But… The amount of energy stored at any point in time is usually very much dependent on the amount of water involved. So vortex winds that come in off of an ocean have real kick and are long lasting. Whilst dry desert vortex winds are mostly “annoying” and short lived.

One very real annoyance of the likes of “dust devils” is radio interferance from triboelectrification much like pulling a plastic comb through dry hair, dry dust particles become charged. This charging does not just helping lift other dust, the voltage can rise to over 10,000volts/meter and when it discharges via ionizing break down the broad band Radio Frequency Interferance can travel for miles, and in the high HF through to UHF the ionized columns act like conductors or elements on directional antennas.

The result is in dust storms radio communications becomes impaired and in some cases with walkie-talkies / handhelds near impossible to communicate.

Due to the lower preasure of the Martian atmosphere it is expected to be rather more of an issue,

A couple of decades back NASA did some research, that actually sounds like it would have been a heck of a lot of fun being at the sharp end of,

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the lab 😉

One important discovery is that smaller particles get negatively charged with respect to larger particles. The smaller particles being more easily lifted create the vertical EM fields.

As for the physical damage a Martian Dust Storm can do, due to the very thin atmosphere it has little “punch” however Martian dust is hyper fine, and when charged can get into all sorts of places you would not expect and stick, where it then acts like grinding paste… So even “dusting down” solar panels has some significant issues.

JonKnowsNothing January 12, 2022 3:57 PM


re: WinterO Tech BBQ

MSM reports that UK and Dutch WinterO Teams will the have option to take Burner Phones and Burner Laptops to China for the games.

The Burners will be -ah- burned on return to their home worlds.

A few hints are being dropped in the locker rooms about “China is not your home range” and while there, the only “exceptional” acts will be medal acts and not exceptional ones outside the venue. Laws in China are not quite the same as in EU or UK.

China is still a Zero-Covid Zone and the WinterO Teams are not going to go walkabout anywhere beyond the designated perimeters. Not even to a BYOB garden party.

It will be interesting to see if China can stop the OmiRuption from engulfing Beijing and the rest of the country.

There maybe some serious regrets in NZ on having dropped their guard and there is a small chance they could recover some part of their Zero-Covid strategy will most (or all) of their air ports closed to non-Kiwis. (1) They only have to look across the waters to see just what is waiting for them.


1) There are still tens of thousands Kiwis who are stranded outside of NZ. The hotel quarantine is overbooked. There is a significant problem with For-Profit-Airlines essentially auctioning off seats to the highest bidders, leaving the cheap seats for only a few returnees. VIPs,POLs and PALs get to fly in and out at will and do.

Just goes to show, you should skip buying a TesLaLa and buy a Trebuchet instead. Wind, Elevation and a good Parachute.

Anders January 12, 2022 4:50 PM



lurker January 12, 2022 5:15 PM

@JonKnowsNothing re Trebuchet

The prevailing winds are in our favour, small feathered immigrants frequently arrive. But there is nowhere in Oz high enough to drop 100kg (including baggage and rounded up) on dry land. It’s certain NKorean assistance mechanisms would not be permitted…

SpaceLifeForm January 12, 2022 7:04 PM

@ vas pup, JonKnowsNothing, Clive, All

Road rash?

It is not just too many links, or swear words.

If it is controversial and/or breaking hot topic and/or touches on an ongoing investigation, do not be surprised if it gets disappeared.

Consider it a badge of honour that you were paying attention.

Let the dust settle, and in a few days, the rash will clear.

I know exactly what @ vas pup was referring to, and since it is public information, I too am a bit surprised. In this instant case, the road rash is probably due to the ongoing investigation angle.

JonKnowsNothing January 12, 2022 7:20 PM


re: Trebuchet, UberNorKMissle or SuperGun?

We could use a SuperGun.

Extremely long barrel and low velocity initial propellant with smooth bore barrel achieving very fast speed and very long distance delivery.

Unfortunately, anyone who investigates SuperGun Theory and/or attempts to setup trials or build one ends up DEAD.

Search Terms: Project Babylon, Project HARP

JonKnowsNothing January 12, 2022 7:34 PM

@SpaceLifeForm, @Clive, @All

re: Primarily 331

I thought the 331 value was a very positive number, even if it’s odd and prime.

Clive Robinson January 12, 2022 10:11 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, vas pup, JonKnowsNothing, All,

I know exactly what @ vas pup was referring to, and since it is public information, I too am a bit surprised.

Yup it was a naked power grab by LEO’s against the US Constitution.

It’s just the latest since shouting fire in an auditorium was found to be not free speach[1]

If they get what they want then it will be so broad in scope that it’s main use will be to prosecute people for politically incorrect views…

[1] The case started during WWI when the defenent was protesting about the draft / conscription. It slowly wound it’s way upto SCOTUS as “Schenck v. United States in 1919”. Where Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.’s opinion has become one of the most frequent misquoted. The rulling was the defendant’s speech was not protected free speech under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

And it was the wrong decision, dangerously wide in scope… Which is why it got partially overturned in Brandenburg v. Ohio in 1969. Where the scope of banned speech was strongly limited to that speach which was clearly directed towards, and thus likely to incite, imminent lawless action in others, such as starting a vigilante mob or riot.

Clive Robinson January 12, 2022 11:04 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

I know you will not heed my advise 😉

Actually I will… as I’ve said before I don’t do “Slashdot”.

That said sticking the link you gave into a search engine gives some information.

Which leads to a firewalled paper,

Which in turn, gave up a presentation,

And something more usefull to most,

As far as I can see the only “new thing” in what they have done is the use of machine learning to detect changes in the software execution signitures, then use it in the equivalent of a matched filter to classify the malware (I did it the other way around, ie used the matched filter to identify the software was not behaving out of specification).

If you look back on this blog you will find I’ve talked at length with @Nick P, @Wael and others about such signitures as part of “Castles-v-Prisons” about a decade ago…

As I’ve observed in the past, you will read things on this blog, that will take on average about eight years to either get an accademic paper, or turned into malware and get found and become public knowledge that way…

Why the long delay I’ve no idea, but I guess that’s the way it is.

But… Look at it this way it’s now not just that University in Israel doing it, there is now one in France…

P.S. Oh for those reading “an H-Field probe” and wondering what it does / is… It picks up the magnetic field rather than the E or electric field in an electromagnetic signal and provides a voltage proportional to the current at the oscilloscope input. At it’s simplest an H field probe is simply a small coil of wire soldered onto the end of a piece of coax cable. Unfortunately it will also pick up some “E-Field” to eliminate this you simply sheild the coil, but… You should have a gap in it that is at the balance point. If you want to know more,

lurker January 12, 2022 11:47 PM

it’s only a game of tennis, which gives licence for AU ministers to be quoted in MSM as believing the prior infection exemption applied only to AU citizens. The subject is believed to be travelling on a Serbian passport. There are also widespread reports which do not appear to have made it into court (law, not tennis) that while the subject was infected and should have been isolating at home, he was seen via social media out and about in Spain.

ResearcherZero January 13, 2022 12:51 AM

Current serving members of the Australian government would prefer not to give powers to corruption bodies that may be used be investigate them for corruption:

The federal government appears to have abandoned its plan to extend controversial encryption-busting powers to federal, state and territory anti-corruption bodies, despite previously endorsing such a move.

When the legislation was introduced in February 2019, the government said the changes would ensure anti-corruption bodies have the “tools… to investigate serious crime, and law enforcement misconduct and corruption across the public sector”.

But the bill lapsed shortly after due to the 2019 federal election and has not been re-introduced by the government since, despite the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM) recommending the powers in July 2020.

“As the [INSLM] noted in his report, integrity commissions identified concrete disadvantage that flows from their exclusion from the power to issue industry assistance notices.”;fileType=application%2Fpdf

Some of the members of the current Australian government have been involved in some very serious crimes earlier in their careers, then lied about it, so this is hardly surprising.

Clive Robinson January 13, 2022 5:11 AM

@ lurker,

it’s only a game of tennis

Err no, it’s another occurrence of AU Ministers trying to look like they “walk tall”.

Every so oftent they do this sort of thing apparantly to make themselves look like something they are obviously not, and to say the results can be embarrassing is an understatement.

I suspect they realise this is going to turn out to be another “why did we do that moment” by the way they are fighting the legal process and all sorts of messy details are comming out. One such is an accusation the Australian border force used torture techniques to force him to withdraw his application as well as refuing to alow him to talk to his legal representative. Apparantly the judge was not amused by some of the goings on.

The last I heard it was all resting on one man, Minister for immigration Alex Hawke, who can use his personal prerogative to deny entry. However some newspapers have claimed that after winning in court the defendant was arrested…

There are pictures of wild scenes around a car with blacked out windows and police using pepper spray, indicating that emotions are running high.

However Alex Hawke’s spokes people have claimed the defendent is with his lawyers what ever that might mean. But I suspect Minister Hawk is now considering the potential knock on effects… Australia might be a small country population wise, but it has a lot of tennis fans. They would not take kindly to say the Australian Open being derated in various ways. Nor would the tourist industry…

I actively dislike tennis for various reasons so tend to just ignore it, but this is much more fun, almost the modern equivalent of a blood sport with lawyers as the dogs kind of a “Game of thrones”… So I’m not sure how this is going to finally play out but I’m guessing it’s about time to get another packet of popcorn in the microwave 😉

Freezing_in_Brazil January 13, 2022 1:07 PM

@ Clive Robinson, SpaceLifeForm

So vortex winds that come in off of an ocean have real kick and are long lasting. Whilst dry desert vortex winds are mostly “annoying” and short lived.

Yes, sir. No doubt. Btw, it`s interesting that part of the scenario of this heat wave [cum drought – at least for the most part] is kind of resembling of the alluded Martian landscape.

People are starting to worry. Predictions of 50C are flying around. Still I feel [anedoctally] that it is within one standard deviation [haven’t checked the stats]. Case I’m wrong and things gets dire, it would be analogous to what happened in North America last summer.

Due to the oceanic regime of most SA, we’ve largely been spared from the extreme effects of the climate crisis so far. That could be changing.

Not as bad as the state of the Arctic ice cover, though.

Clive Robinson January 13, 2022 4:00 PM

@ Freezing_in_Brazil, SpaceLifeForm,

People are starting to worry.

And so they should.

Let’s hope it’s not “to little to late”.

South America does see the effect of global warming but over longer cycles than other parts of the world. The result due to the basics of many SA economies is that it drives boom and bust cycles harder.

In ancient North Africa they realised that crops had boom and bust cycles so the rulers taxed it in boom cycles to fill storage silos and gave back during bust cycles thus easing out the problems.

But such sensible measures do not fit in with certain modern financial thinking…

SpaceLifeForm January 13, 2022 4:58 PM

@ Freezing_in_Brazil, Clive, ALL

The global warming has really changed the typical climate patterns over the past 40 years.

The extreme heat over northwest North America last year is ahistorical.

Years ago, what most northern hemisphere summers would result in was called a Bermuda High, impacting most of the US east of the Rockies.

An extremely large high pressure system would set up, centered approximately over Bermuda, and just circle, and pump heat and humidity northward from the Gulf of Mexico up the Mississippi Valley.

The Bermuda High would last months. Slowly, but surely, the air would pile up and compress.

There would be no dips in the jet stream, it would be stuck over Canada, so there was nothing to disrupt the Bermuda High.

If would get so unbearable outside during the day. No clouds around. You would hope for a pop-up storm, just for a brief respite, but that was rare. The pressure was too high, so any pop-up thunderstorms would not even last 30 minutes.

Next,you would hope for hurricanes to get going and disrupt the pattern, and hopefully break the Bermuda High.

If that did not happen, you just had to wait until fall, when the jetstream patterns would change.

Back in 1997, it was a horrible late July. 95F 35C and 95% humidity. AT NIGHT!

It sure looks like the equivalent of a Bermuda High is in place for you, with the air piling up over Argentina.

I assume you have seen the reports about Argentina power outages.

Clive Robinson January 13, 2022 6:48 PM

@ lurker, ResearcherZero,

A little more on that over rated tableless ping pong story from “Guzz-under”… Looks like other people are realising the “walk tall” but in reality “crawl small” of the Morrison mob is getting entertaining and is worth another bowl of popcorn,

Oh and no doubt the fact that it’s also leaking out that the “mob” has a bunch of crooks in it who have blatently lied, and are now seeking every trick they can to avoid being investigated is adding fuel to ensure that warm toasty feeling to the podia is kept.

But the question remains if “Scott from marketing” does not get back in in the very near future, will the replacment be better or worse?

Many like to think an alternative could only be better… But this is “Guzz-under” where oppinion on what is good or bad in representation is judge by the “third beer test”…

There is an old saying about alcohol,

“Many things can be preserved in alcohol, but dignity is not one of them.”

To which I would add probity, integrity, honesty, honour, and most other morals and ethics you would want to see in a citizen of good standing. So the fact that the “mob” is apparently berfet of these qualities speaks volumes…

SpaceLifeForm January 13, 2022 7:43 PM

@ vas pup, Clive



As I noted, I knew exactly what you were referring to (I had read same link some prior hours before).

It was breaking hot, and most certainly touches on ongoing investigations, so it was probably deemed important to keep it under the radar for a couple of days.

There will always be new bs everyday, that it is why it is called:

Bury the News!

I doubt your comment was the factor.

It (the link) was likely just tripping the AI (or the AI was and still is tripping (HALLUCINOGENIC SOFTWARE) ), but now it will move on to other things to pay attention to.

The AI is like a young child: Oh! Shiny!

[I have observed that response from teenagers of driving age when they first discovered a coal cinder]

ResearcherZero January 13, 2022 11:47 PM

@Clive Robinson

They would be hard pressed to find someone worse than Morrison, but it’s always possible, and as it happens there is actually someone worse. In a ministerial position as it so happens, good at avoiding attention, but far more ruthless and organised.

Organisationally speaking, before Morrison started running the Business Council office in Western Australia it was the best performing Business Council office in Australia, and when he left it was not only the worst in the country, but it took them over a year to work out what he had done to the filing system.

Morrison mostly spent his time helping developers acquire land, land that was often owned by other people, and some ruthless tactics were employed to get hold of that land. Morrison’s job was to actually help businesses, not help destroy businesses on behalf of after people so they could acquire said land, it’s not what the records at the Business Council were for.

Morrison was a messy guy, got him self into all sorts of trouble, running around for other people without understanding exactly who those people were.
He wouldn’t be the first to decide to get themselves into politics after first getting themselves into a whole heap of s**t.

More reports of ‘Havana Syndrome’ emerge –

Last summer, the four officials serving at U.S. diplomatic missions in Geneva and Paris came down with ailments linked to ‘Havana Syndrome’ -an unexplained illness that is believed to be caused inadvertently by surveillance equipment or by a mysterious sonic weapon.

The incidents in Geneva and Paris took place where the U.S and Russia* held security talks on Monday over Moscow’s troop buildup near the Ukraine border.

Blinken said the United States has raised the illnesses with the Russians but still cannot make a determination about who was responsible.

The Secretary of State added he has met with State Department employees around the world who described the illnesses and how these incidents disrupted their lives.

‘There is no doubt in my mind that people have been directly and powerfully affected,’ he said.

‘We are working overtime across the entire government to get to the bottom of what happened, who’s responsible. And in the meantime to make sure that we’re caring for anyone who’s been affected and to protect all of our people to the best of our ability,’ he added.

Symptoms of Havana Syndrome include loud noise, ear pain, intense head pressure or vibration, dizziness, visual problems, and cognitive difficulties, and many still continue to experience these or other health problems, according to a 2020 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report.

The report assessed the symptoms to be ‘consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy.’

The leading theory behind the cause of the suddenly surfaced syndrome starts with a device that scientists say Russia could have invented during the Cold War, which was later used to spy on US embassies by collecting data from laptops and cell phones.

However, experts now theorize that a hostile country – like Russia* or China – may have turned this microwave technology into a weapon.

Almost half of the cases involved CIA officers or their relatives, nearly 60 have been linked to Department of Defense workers or relatives, and about 50 involved State Department personnel.

The Examiner report points to Russia as the culprit. Havana Syndrome is believed to be caused by microwave emissions and Moscow is known to have employed RF/MW capabilities since the Cold War. During the Cold War, the Soviets repeatedly irradiated the American embassy in Moscow with low-level microwaves – known as the ‘Moscow Signal’ – for unknown reasons.

In October, three Havana Syndrome sufferers came forward to share the agonizing symptoms of the disease, with two of them claiming it left them brain damaged and destroyed their promising diplomatic careers.

Tina Onefur, Kate Husband, and Husband’s partner Doug Ferguson were all working for the US State Department, stationed in Cuba’s capital, when they found themselves afflicted with the mysterious malady.

The syndrome first surfaced at the embassy in Havana in 2016 – months before Onefur, Husband, and Ferguson were diagnosed.

The three described their debilitating symptoms – which include hearing loss, severe headaches, memory issues, dizziness, grogginess and even brain damage – in detail during an interview with NBC News last year.

Onefur, sobbed as she spoke and recalling the fact she can now only work two hours a day from home due to doctor-diagnosed brain damage, and said she was washing dishes one night in March 2017 at her home in Havana when she suddenly found herself overcome with pain.

‘The kids were upstairs playing, and I was standing at the kitchen window, and all of a sudden I felt like I was being struck with something.’

When asked what the sensation felt like, Onefur said the pain was like nothing she had ever felt before in her life, and explained, ‘It was gripping – it was like I’d been seized by some invisible hand, and I couldn’t move.’

When asked by interviewer Andrea Mitchell how her health is today, Onefur, choking back tears revealed that her symptoms were still as strong and prevalent as ever, even after more than four years.

‘It’s not easy to talk about our health because it’s an invisible injury,’ Onefur said,

‘It’s four-and-a-half years of of excruciating headaches, it’s four-and-a-half years of stumbling losing my balance, four-and-a-half years of vision degradation,’ Onefur asserts of the illness, while breaking down in tears.

In a nearby neighborhood in Havana in the winter months of 2016, Kate Husband and Doug Ferguson were working in the US embassy by day, with their nights spent together at their shared home.

But nights for the couple – who both hail from Michigan – would often be strangely interrupted, by a high-pitched, piercing noise seemingly coming from their backyard.

‘It was persistent, kind of at the same level all the time,’ Husband said of the shrill sound, which they never managed to identify, adding it was ‘very, very loud’ and ‘nothing you can sit with.’

Ferguson, however, managed to capture the mysterious noise on his phone and played it back for Mitchell during the interview.

The sound on the recording – a high-frequency ringing that somewhat resembles a dog whistle – is strikingly similar to a sound previously released by AP in a 2017 covering the then just-surfaced syndrome.

When asked if any other people in her neighborhood had heard the same sounds and was afflicted with similar symptoms, Husband said they had.

After feeling a slew of symptoms in the coming months, the couple was later examined by neurologists at the University of Pennsylvania.

In early 2017, Ferguson was cleared to go back to work, but Husband was diagnosed with brain damage by doctors, and was subsequently sent to receive treatment.

Husband told Mitchell that during the diagnosis, a doctor told her, after analyzing scans of her brain, ‘it’s like you aged 20, 25 years all at once.’

She later retired from her work for the State Department on the grounds of a medical disability.

Husband further revealed during the interview that she still suffers from balance issues associated with the brain damage she suffered after the 2017 diagnosis – a sensation that would trigger violent bouts of nausea, and a fogginess that makes even the most basic tasks difficult.

ResearcherZero January 14, 2022 1:22 AM

Novak Djokovic just got booted from Australia by the minister. It’s one of the wonders of Australian democracy, courts are easy things for politics to sidestep, as long as it falls within the power of the minister, and they have prepared well in advance. Test cases are very popular for making examples out of people, but mostly for establishing just how far the envelope can be pushed.

ResearcherZero January 14, 2022 5:08 AM

A massive cyberattack warning Ukrainians to “be afraid and expect the worst” hit government websites late on Thursday, leaving some websites inaccessible on Friday morning and prompting Kyiv to open an investigation.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry spokesperson told Reuters it was too early to say who could be behind the attack but said Russia had been behind similar strikes in the past.

The cyberattack, which hit the foreign ministry, the cabinet of ministers and the security and defence council among others, comes as Kyiv and its allies have sounded the alarm about a possible new Russian military offensive against Ukraine.

“Ukrainian! All your personal data was uploaded to the public network. All data on the computer is destroyed, it is impossible to restore it,” said a message visible on the hacked government websites, written in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

“All information about you has become public, be afraid and expect the worst. This is for your past, present and future.”

Winter January 14, 2022 5:37 AM

“All information about you has become public, be afraid and expect the worst. This is for your past, present and future.”

Russia is not making friends. The aim of the Russian aggression could very well be only to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure. For the whole of its existence, Moscow’s security policy has been “scorched earth”.

I expect a re-arming of Europe and a speeded move away from Gazprom.

Nancy Lebovitz January 14, 2022 8:20 AM

“Users of popular open-source libraries ‘colors’ and ‘faker’ were left stunned after they saw their applications, using these libraries, printing gibberish data and breaking.

Some surmised if the NPM libraries had been compromised, but it turns out there’s much more to the story.

The developer of these libraries intentionally introduced an infinite loop that bricked thousands of projects that depend on ‘colors’ and ‘faker.’ ”

“The developer behind popular open-source NPM libraries ‘colors’ (aka colors.js on GitHub) and ‘faker’ (aka faker.js on GitHub) intentionally introduced mischievous commits in them that are impacting thousands of applications relying on these libraries.”

“But, in fact, it was the dev behind these two packages who appears to have intentionally committed the code responsible for the major blunder, as seen by BleepingComputer.

The developer, named Marak Squires added a “new American flag module” to colors.js library yesterday in version v1.4.44-liberty-2 that he then pushed to GitHub and npm. Tainted versions 1.4.1, and 1.4.2 also followed on npm.”

The man had self-malwared.

“The reason behind this mischief on the developer’s part appears to be retaliation—against mega-corporations and commercial consumers of open-source projects who extensively rely on cost-free and community-powered software but do not, according to the developer, give back to the community.

In November 2020, Marak had warned that he will no longer be supporting the big corporations with his “free work” and that commercial entities should consider either forking the projects or compensating the dev with a yearly “six figure” salary.”

This strikes me as a massive betrayal of trust.

In re healthy living and disease: If you eat decent food (ill-defined) and get some exercise, you probably won’t get as sick from diseases common in your environment.

However, indigenous people obviously ate locally sourced unpolluted foods and got exercise…. and were hideously vulnerable to new diseases. Take this as a warning.

Clive Robinson January 14, 2022 9:01 AM

@ ResearcherZero, ALL

With regards,

“Havana Syndrome is believed to be caused by microwave emissions and Moscow is known to have employed RF/MW capabilities since the Cold War.”

No “RF Microwaves” are at best an assumption that,

“Ferguson, however, managed to capture the mysterious noise on his phone and played it back for Mitchell during the interview.”

Might show to be incorrect.

What we do know, “insults” to the head can give rise to brain damage that causes change of personality, cognative function, and loss of coordination. But we also know that our current tests do not show it up except in detailed autopsy tests. If you search NFL with brain damage you will find out a lot about it.

We also know that radient energy can cause cause insults. The problem is that nearly all public research has only been about the “heating effect” caused by the energy absobtion over time. You can carry out a simple experiment to show there is a “percussive” effect. All you need is a high power photographas flash gun and some aluminium foil. When the light pulse hits the foil you hear a sound from the foil that is way to fast for the expected heating effect. You get similar with other effects such as magnetoconstriction. In essence radient energy hits an object that acts as a transducer and converts it to another form of energy in the case of the above flash gun it’s radient acoustic energy.

So we are looking for a radient energy source and a transducer as well as a fragile energy absorber.

We are assuming that the energy absorber is the brain and it would appear blood enzimes taken very shortly after an incident do show that brain damage has occured.

The problem is “radiation transport” an entropy effect that takes coherant energy to random heat via a series of steps via a chain of transducers.

The end of the chain is heat, but is it heat that is causing the brain damage?

Possibly not. Take a very fine crystal structure and apply heat to it slowly and not much happens for all the energy you put in. However tap it with a tiny in comparison mechanical energy and it breaks or shatters, the fact that the energy then becomes thermal energy is fairly irrelevent to the process of breaking. This issue exhibits in other ways like “self resonance”, thus you have to know what it is you are looking for to demonstrate what is going on, by what mechanism etc to get from “cause” to “effect”.

But there are two things you don’t hear getting talked about,

1, Directivity.
2, Down conversion.

And it’s something that puzzles me, and makes me wonder if some people are deliberately keeping quiet for some unstated reason.

We know that all radient energy can be focused the problem is that the size of the focusing mechanism is proportional to the wavelength of the energy involved. The higher the frequency the smaller the focusing mechanism can be, therefore the less obvious it is. So that is why they are saying “microwaves” and people are leaping to the assumption it is EM / RF radient energy rather than say acoustic or some other mechanical vibration.

But early descriptions of this effect would indicate originally it was “highly focused” getting such a tight beam would require an inordinantly large focusing mechanism… So again people are ruling things out based on assumptions.

Most astronomers know you do not need a single improbably large focussing mechanism. You can get the same effect with two small focusing mechanisms spaced widely appart. It’s the basis of “Very Long Baseline” systems which have used Earths orbit as the base line to give an effect comparable to a dish the size of earths ordit… Or about 10-15 light minutes in diameter.

One of the arguments you hear about sound and Havana syndrome is “high -low” that is it’s assumed to be outside of adult human hearing so below 50-100Hz or above 15kHz. Two arguments arise, the first is the wavelength of low frequency does not alow it to be focused, and the second is the sort of wavelengths required to get the very tight focus are quickly absorbed in the atmosphere.

Whilst both are true they kind of miss the point because again the assumption is a single emitter or focusing mechanism…

Ask yourself what would happen if you used two beams that were in some way synchronized?

The Germans asked this question during the second world war, and they found out it was a very effective form of boming aid. You can read up about it in the 1973 Book by Prof R. V. Jones which extensively covers it under “The battle of the beams” chapters. So the information has been in the public domain for rather more than half a life time.

Which brings us to an interesting point. Many of the immediate effects described by the sufferes are matched by the effects of very low frequency sound below 20Hz and can become severly acute when they approach that of brain waves. Which is a known problem in that flashing light at similar frequencies can induce epileptic fits, that have an accumalitive effect of brain damage.

But that is very low frequency needing enormass “sub woofer” focassing mechanisms is what you get told.

Well it’s not true, all you need is a trasducer with a square law response that effectively mixes two frequencies and produces both a “sum” and more importantly “difference” frequency. There are plenty of biological structures that have a non linear or near square law response to radient energy.

So if my two emitters send out signals that have a difference in frequency that is known to cause epileptic or similar disfunction in the brain it’s effect only occurs in a tightly focused spot where the beams cross…

I would be very unsurprised to find out if such is found with Havana syndrom…

In part because as they say “been there done that…” and I described such an “anti-personnel” system on this blog years befor Havana Syndrome became newsworthy, oh and yes it can be used to render individual people unconcious in crowds. The idea was a way to take out “ring leaders” and “agitators” in crowds before they became riots. Unfortunately the system could just as easily kill people…

flat January 14, 2022 9:42 PM

“I expect a re-arming of Europe and a speeded move away from Gazprom.”

Could that be, ultimately, the objective of the whole thing?

Winter January 15, 2022 6:55 AM

“Could that be, ultimately, the objective of the whole thing?”

I would be really surprised if Putin goes to all this trouble to lose Europe as a customer.

Clive Robinson January 16, 2022 8:18 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, flat, Winter,

The alleged REvil bust may have just been for cash flow purposes.

That certainly would have helped sweeten the idea, but there was a lot more behind it.

Putin uses “deniable tools” as a standard part of the way he operates, and it’s been a “White Russian”(Bela Rus)[1] way of doing things for around three centuries. With the “Behind the cloak lies the dagger unseen” behaviours of spycraft and covert disruptive activities that turned Russia into a world center for spycraft that without doubt provided the triggers for “The Great War”/WWI and upto the Civil War towards the end of WWI when the Bolsheviks who were undeniably worse turned inwards.

Now there are two sets of people,

1, Criminals
2, Covert Operatives

Who’s very existance and survival relies on them not drawing attention to themselves.

So what should that tell us about the way “Criminals used as covert operatives” should behave?

Well they did not and they became a serious embarrassment that could nolonger be denied even to Putin’s own people.

What generally happens to serious embarrassments? Well initially they get “distanced” and if they carry on eventually “terminated”.

So their partying, lording it up days were numbered as their “protector” was drawing increasing heat.

I believe one or two saw what was comming –maybe they were warned– and had the sense to get the heck out of the way…

I suspect even Putin knows he is “not untouchable”, nobody is, which is why “behind the cloak…” works so well. As we should all know “an effective tools get honed with use”…

So do not be to sure “REvil is dead and buried”… Something tells me it will be back leaner, meaner and most certainly not as a zombie of it’s former self.

[1] White Russian is a loose term originally about a people and place (Belarus means White Russian). But it gained a new meaning that came about with Peter the Great moving the political center of Russia from Moscow to what had been swampy land in some outer province of Europe that got called St Petersburg. The politics got changed fairly radically and certain Baltic-German behaviours got incorporated. These included an upsurge in the “behind the cloak” activities that caused much disquiet and issues after Peter the Great’s death without clear succession. Howevere White Russian gained a new meaning after the Bolshevik uprising, and was used as a refrence to those that had been on the loosing side that supported the Tsar.

MarkH January 16, 2022 12:28 PM

@Clive, SpaceLifeForm, flat, Winter:

Clive’s observation about deniability is crucial. A subtle concomitant often missed is that detectability is an independent variable.

The mafia mentality often wants everybody to know that you are the perpetrator, while making it hard for institutions to prove your guilt.

The obviousness that you committed the crime is vital to the perception of your power. Often, Russia’s responsibility for crimes is intended to be like the Goldbach conjecture: the truth is both obvious, and hard to prove.

Failure to understand this leads to invalid propositions of the form “they couldn’t have done it, because they’re so good that if they’d done it nobody would know it was them.”

Winter January 16, 2022 1:28 PM

” Often, Russia’s responsibility for crimes is intended to be like the Goldbach conjecture: the truth is both obvious, and hard to prove.”

But then, what use is a proof in international politics? No one will haul Putin before a judge, proof or not.

Everyone who works or worked for Putin is considered a war criminal by default. You are marked as such too if you deal with them.

Winter January 16, 2022 2:01 PM

” Often, Russia’s responsibility for crimes is intended to be like the Goldbach conjecture: the truth is both obvious, and hard to prove.”

Inevitably, quite a number of cases do have solid evidence. Many of the poisonings. And the MH17 disaster.


Clive Robinson January 16, 2022 2:39 PM

@ Winter, MarkH, ALL,

Inevitably, quite a number of cases do have solid evidence.

Sorry as I anoyingly point out “solid evidence” is insufficient in oh so many ways, it simply won’t get you a criminal conviction in any half way sensible jurisdiction.

The burden of proof has to meet certain internationally recognised standards and in both the cases you mention it actually does not meet the “beyond reasonable doubt” burden of proof. I wish it were otherwise but those rules are there for good reason to protect the weak defendant against the power of a strong, conniving or both state.

I’ve seen to many false imprisonments to want nations playing that stupid game of politics with each other it can only go one way…

Winter January 17, 2022 3:32 AM

“Sorry as I anoyingly point out “solid evidence” is insufficient in oh so many ways, it simply won’t get you a criminal conviction in any half way sensible jurisdiction.”

The MNH17 trial in The Hague is well under way to convict Russian military for shooting down an airliner. The proof is pretty solid, down to the serial number of the BUK missile and the address it was stored in Russia.

The two Russian intelligence officers who poisoned Sergei and Yulia Skripal would be tried and almost certainly convicted if they ever set foot on UK soil.

A Russian aided Syrian chemical weapons attack has been proven.

There is more on this list, see e.g.:

Winter January 17, 2022 5:44 AM

Tensions are running pretty high in Europe, fear of war is mounting:

Sweden deploys soldiers and tanks on the island of Gotland

Suwalki corridor to Kaliningrad


Former Yugoslavia

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