APT Horoscope

This delightful essay matches APT hacker groups up with astrological signs. This is me:

Capricorn is renowned for its discipline, skilled navigation, and steadfastness. Just like Capricorn, Helix Kitten (also known as APT 35 or OilRig) is a skilled navigator of vast online networks, maneuvering deftly across an array of organizations, including those in aerospace, energy, finance, government, hospitality, and telecommunications. Steadfast in its work and objectives, Helix Kitten has a consistent track record of developing meticulous spear-phishing attacks.

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Clive Robinson January 10, 2021 5:11 PM

So not impressed…

Without saying which star sign, lets just say the APT actor equivalent is just a “Cabbage Re-boiler” “lacking ambition” that is just “So not me” 😉

Any way the last time a horror of horrors scope made me smile was genuinely “so last century” back in 1993…

When reading out the star sign of a young lady friend at work I nearly choked and she nearly brained me…

Because after the usual preamble it said,

“You can expect an improvment in fortunes with the moon moving into your star sign and mars moving into uranus.”

She thought I had made it up and thumped me in the arm which for such a tiny mite realy hurt[1] then grabed the paper out of my now limp hand and was about to whack me in the head with it when I told her to read it herself…

Then after the feeling returned to my arm I emailed a few friends and told them to look it up.

All of which ment I did not do the three Sudoku puzzles in the tea break, most annoying.

[1] We used to go swiming at lunch time and she could easly lap me so there was real muscle there, even though I could pick her up with two fingers on one hand… These days a full cup of tea is pushing it with torn rotor cuffs.

zxc January 11, 2021 5:07 PM

Helix Kitten … meticulous spear-phishing attacks.

That sounds like some radical feminist punk teenage girl with an ear piercing. It’s the Iranians. There’s always some angle or another, they’re a little bit too much on the take barbershopping, selling jewelry, and cutting hair.

Shi`ite militias funded by the Iranian mullahs have been invading Gaza, and mingling with the Palestinians to compromise Israeli networks and use those inroads to attack U.S. government, businesses, and individuals.

Shiite Militancy Makes Inroads in Sunni Gaza … and that was ten years ago … so Why do Shia Muslims support Palestinians more than Sunni Muslims?

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