Humble Bundle's 2020 Cybersecurity Books

For years, Humble Bundle has been selling great books at a “pay what you can afford” model. This month, they’re featuring as many as nineteen cybersecurity books for as little as $1, including four of mine. These are digital copies, all DRM-free. Part of the money goes to support the EFF or Let’s Encrypt. (The default is 15%, and you can change that.) As an EFF board member, I know that we’ve received a substantial amount from this program in previous years.

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Wesley Parish February 28, 2020 6:28 PM

Don’t have PayPal. What other mechanisms do they have to ensure that they receive the payments I might want to make? International debit card?

And of course, how secure are such mechanisms?

Clive Robinson February 28, 2020 10:59 PM

@ All,

With regards a blog page of a couple of days ago about the power of “Class Action”…

I had a look at the websites legal page and what did I find almost at the top,


I quote the above under the doctrine of “fair use” for “fair comment” if not that of irony and a little satire 😉

Wishing all a cheerful weekend that hopefully starts with a smile.

metaschima February 29, 2020 4:11 PM

Thanks for informing us about the bundle. I used to buy the humble games bundle, I didn’t know they had a Cybersecurity bundle. I went ahead and bought it and it’s a great deal. I already had some of these, but most are new and very interesting.

TRX March 2, 2020 5:19 PM

Sooo… the page ends with a buttons to click for various payment methods, but it fails to tell me what I’m getting and how I’m supposed to get it. A download link for .epubs or .pdfs? A proprietary file that can only be downloaded and read on a Nook?

You’d think that after a quarter-century of e-commerce, vendors would have learned better than “get their payment first, then tell them what they get.” Because once again, it lost a sale.

Drone March 2, 2020 9:19 PM

I appreciate what Humble Bundle seems to be doing, but it is such a PITA to deal with their Web site! Waaay too much scripting BLOAT. Nasty Google RECAPTCHAs sprinkled around. I have to jump through a verify-account Email hoop every time I log in to purchase. The only way I can get a PayPal transaction to work with their site is for me to be logged in to my PayPal account simultaneously in a separate tab. On and on… I’ve tried conveying my displeasure with all this several times directly to Humble Bundle in the past; not a peep in return and no changes observed. Let’s hope they read this comment. So c’mon Humble Bundle, good site design is about ease of use plus common sense security, not draconian defense and showing off how much you can do. Dumb it down – a lot!

metaschima March 3, 2020 4:43 AM


All books are available as regular PDF, but some also have EPUB, PRC, and MOBI. I don’t know what the last two are off the top of my head. There is also a DVD in a zip file. I downloaded the PDFs, just because that’s what I prefer.

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