Police Surveillance Tools from Special Services Group

Special Services Group, a company that sells surveillance tools to the FBI, DEA, ICE, and other US government agencies, has had its secret sales brochure published. Motherboard received the brochure as part of a FOIA request to the Irvine Police Department in California.

“The Tombstone Cam is our newest video concealment offering the ability to conduct remote surveillance operations from cemeteries,” one section of the Black Book reads. The device can also capture audio, its battery can last for two days, and “the Tombstone Cam is fully portable and can be easily moved from location to location as necessary,” the brochure adds. Another product is a video and audio capturing device that looks like an alarm clock, suitable for “hotel room stings,” and other cameras are designed to appear like small tree trunks and rocks, the brochure reads.

The “Shop-Vac Covert DVR Recording System” is essentially a camera and 1TB harddrive hidden inside a vacuum cleaner. “An AC power connector is available for long-term deployments, and DC power options can be connected for mobile deployments also,” the brochure reads. The description doesn’t say whether the vacuum cleaner itself works.


One of the company’s “Rapid Vehicle Deployment Kits” includes a camera hidden inside a baby car seat. “The system is fully portable, so you are not restricted to the same drop car for each mission,” the description adds.


The so-called “K-MIC In-mouth Microphone & Speaker Set” is a tiny Bluetooth device that sits on a user’s teeth and allows them to “communicate hands-free in crowded, noisy surroundings” with “near-zero visual indications,” the Black Book adds.

Other products include more traditional surveillance cameras and lenses as well as tools for surreptitiously gaining entry to buildings. The “Phantom RFID Exploitation Toolkit” lets a user clone an access card or fob, and the so-called “Shadow” product can “covertly provide the user with PIN code to an alarm panel,” the brochure reads.

The Motherboard article also reprints the scary emails Motherboard received from Special Services Group, when asked for comment. Of course, Motherboard published the information anyway.

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Me January 10, 2020 9:08 AM

Most of these seem like obvious things everyone should have assumed they had access to.

It reads like “GoPro in a ______”

That last one sounds like a re-branded card skimmer, now for law enforcement instead of criminals.

Joe January 10, 2020 9:33 AM

There are security teams using existing office devices like printers and phones to listen into every room inside companies thanks to SDR. No physical access required. Just get someone inside to open a PDF and the software infects every printer it can find, which modifies all the phones to become microphones.
It is another Motherboard report – video this time – about a security company doing red/black team work.

TimH January 10, 2020 10:01 AM

I don’t see the “scary emails Motherboard received” in the article, just the all-caps ITAR nonsense. Couldn’t find them in the PDF either.

TimH January 10, 2020 10:04 AM

As a follow-up, ITAR doesn’t cover overarching product descriptions. It covers exporting certain items from the US and letting no-US persons get access to the items within the US.

Electron 007 January 10, 2020 11:03 AM

Special Services Group (ᛋᛋ) is notorious for harassing and persecuting “targeted individuals.”

  • https://www.targetedjustice.com/what-is-a-targeted-individual.html
    • adjudicated as a mental defective
    • deemed to be a social undesirable
    • prohibited from possessing a firearm
  • subject to numerous lifetime legal and occupational restrictions on the basis of mental health allegations of danger or threat to self, others or society, or alleged inability to practice self-care
  • in many cases prohibited from
    • driving a car
    • renting or purchasing a home
    • owning, retaining, or disposing of personal or real property
  • sometimes by court order, sometime because of poverty or arbitrary exclusion from labor and commerce
  • subject to human trafficking, especially if female
  • subject to arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, especially if male

We feel that Special Services Group is associated with 1488, neo-Nazis and other white supremacist gangs.

MGD January 10, 2020 11:58 AM

“secret sales brochure” … an obvious oxymoron

… and once you disclose the ‘secret’ it isn’t a secret any more

Positron January 10, 2020 1:41 PM

@Electron 007

I’m not disputing all of your assertions. Too long to dive into accusations of neo-Nazis.

But there is really disturbing stuff at the Targeted Justice link that you refer to.

Some serious LITERALLY tin foil hat crap there.
Beaming micowaves into someone’s brain from satellites. At first glance it just defies the laws of physics for antenna beam forming patterns.

Info at your link is so bad it tends to discredit everything else mentioned along with it

Chris January 10, 2020 1:42 PM

Thanks alot who ever leaked this, brilliant stuff

The IR Beacons were cool, i also think there is a passive variant with a marker on top of a car roof.

Also interesting to see that they actually use GSM/3G trackers which one might think they wouldnt, kindof risky in my opinion since its super easy to detect.

I wonder who produces that K-MIC it didnt say


Clive Robinson January 10, 2020 2:42 PM

@ All,

Have other people noted the asymmetry in surveillance reporting?

If we as citizens find out and make available information on the use of surveilance tools by any Government or Law enforcment entity then we are classified as criminals “endangering the lives of” “blah-di-blah make it up as you go along” personnel who are made out to be like the children of the knee jerk “Think of the Children”. Even though as the known events of such people that get recorded in court often show they are at best voyeuristic peeping-toms through to full on law-breaking behaviour which has got them dragged into court or the public eye.

But when we look the other way around if a citizen buys home security systems from Amazon to protect themselves from harm, Amazon does not just let law enforcment and others know who has purchased the systems, they actively give access to the output of such systems to them. Amazon are not the only ones to do this. Thus anyone who buys a home security system would be wise to not just do it anonymously but also ensure the equipment has no Internet or wirless capabilities. And actively avoid anything that connects up to your mobile phone, I very much doubt if such apps are secure, and they might well also “for your safety” extend the “security sensors” to include the phone such that it’s microphones and cameras “phone home to the mothership”.

Part of this problem is down to the Peter Thiel who set up “Palantir Technologies” which some regard as the worlds largest private archive of “secret surveillance” data to be monetized.

Thus started the trend as with PII on the Internet and the likes of Alphabet Google, Amazon, Facebook and others of stealing that which belongs to others and monetizes it.

I think most would agree that whilst the technology works either way, it’s the,”Directing Minds” in the likes of Silicon Valley Corps that are turning it’s use into a panoptican hell on earth for the ordinary citizan.

Unfortunately when you analyze what Palantir and Amazon are doing, the end game is like that of “drug dealers”. The little they provide to security services and law enforcment “guard labour” is predicated not just on what become ruiniously high prices but the “guard labour” typing information into the Silicon Valley Corp systems that the Corps then turn into “new product” to be sold to other “guard labour”…

The result is that the Silicon Valley Corps are building in dependency into Guard Labour and using it to extract significant tax dollars for essentially little or nothing of substance in return. In the process turning the guard labour into weakened addicts that can not break free and become steadily less usefully independent.

Thus the question arises of,

    Do you want accountable Police etc looking after the Public’s security, or Private unaccountable Corps that generate unreliable databases of supposition against every middle class person and above, to serve the Corps interest not that of the Public?

Electron 007 January 10, 2020 4:44 PM


I’m not disputing all of your assertions. Too long to dive into accusations of neo-Nazis.

But there is really disturbing stuff at the Targeted Justice link that you refer to.

Some serious LITERALLY tin foil hat crap there.
Beaming micowaves into someone’s brain from satellites. At first glance it just defies the laws of physics for antenna beam forming patterns.

Microwaves are in fact beamed from satellites, and in sufficient strength they are used to cook food. The military has used them as weapons to disorient and confuse hostile crowds. I am not asserting that everything at that link “is true” as stated in my opinion or according to my worldview.

Info at your link is so bad it tends to discredit everything else mentioned along with it

That is the nature of government disinformation. We, as subjects of a totalitarian Three-Letter-Agency government, only have partial access to certain information, and for other information we have to make inferences, and often cannot obtain the true and full details of MK-ULTRA and other covert and hostile government programs.

Other programs, such as ADVISE, ECHELON, and TALON are well documented, in addition to the Total Information Awareness programs that have gone underground and escaped the notice of the mainstream media due to liberal privacy advocacy and state-corporate fascist political agitation in the years since September 11, 2001.

At the same time, we have accumulated general knowledge on the politics of the present day, the political motivations, and the modus operandi of those government agents or employees who insist on persecuting and harassing us so viciously in collaboration with local police unions and guilds at the so-called “fusion centers” maintained by your friendly “neighborhood-watch” NSA throughout the nation.

@Larry, Clive Robinson

Re: accountable police. accountable to whom? They are not accountable to anyone!

The cops are duly bodycammed and accountable to a chief or lieutenant at the police station, or they can go straight to the fusion centers if they want to bypass quaint legal notions of due process.

Clive Robinson January 10, 2020 5:04 PM

@ ALL,

I guess for the sake of “disclosure” I should mention as I have in the past that I’ve designed surveillance equipment for covert operations for Government entities amoungst others.

To be honest there is nothing clever or original in what this company has done, infact it’s all rather old ideas that they have copied from other places. They are not even pushing cheap readily available technology in any way.

Unlike criminals who are streets ahead of what this company does.

If you take a look at the tricks criminals do with bank card readers and cameras to read PINs etc you will get an idea of not just how they can conceal them but get better battery life etc.

I suspect the real reason they sent out their lawyers letters was to stop the truth about just how much they are “ripping off” their customers getting out and others significantly undercutting their over inflated prices and putting them out of business.

JonKnowsNothing January 10, 2020 6:24 PM

Probably planning on targeting Greta Thunberg with micro surveillance.

News report states that Climate Protests now qualify as “terrorism” and need to be reported ASAP because No One is Thinking of the Children…

Counter-terrorism police placed the non-violent group Extinction Rebellion (XR) on a list of extremist ideologies that should be reported …

a 12-page guide produced by counter-terrorism police … titled Safeguarding young people and adults from ideological extremism…

In the guide, people are advised to listen and look out for young people who “neglect to attend school” or “participate in planned school walkouts”…

also flags young people taking part in non-violent direct action, such as sit-down protests, banner drops or “writing environmentally themed graffiti”.

“Anti-establishment philosophy that seeks system change underlies its activism;…

“We as Counter Terrorism Policing, along with our partners, have a responsibility to protect vulnerable people….”

I think their biggest market must be in the Upskirting industry. From other articles I’ve read it’s pretty much to be expected for both M+F+O in any bathroom, hotel, restaurant, public space, non-public space, in any area a micro camera can be installed (in a shower, under a toilet seat). It’s more popular in some countries than others and the images float Real Time up to the Great Skyway for the enjoyment of enthusiasts of excreta.

With 10yr+ batteries and the new UWB tech with low energy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications to facilitate periodic data retrieval-wipes from distance, we can expect these to be the tech land-mines for the foreseeable future. Waiting to go off, or on, over decades.

ht tps://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/10/xr-extinction-rebellion-listed-extremist-ideology-police-prevent-scheme-guidance

ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upskirt

ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra-wideband

ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_mine

ht tps://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jan/10/greta-thunberg-tells-world-leaders-to-end-fossil-fuel-madness
(url fractured to prevent autorun)

Clive Robinson January 10, 2020 6:34 PM

@ Electron 007, Larry,

The cops are duly bodycammed and accountable to a chief or lieutenant at the police station

You wish…

Those cameras and microphones have an amazing habit of shall we say “going wrong” at the most opportune of times. The Chief or Lieutenant no dammwell what is going on, they have “fault repair” records stacked higher and higher and it always happens to the same handfull of “boys in blue”, but they can not discipline them for various reasons.

Oh and you as a civilian try wearing a body cam or similar, firstly yould be supprised how many shops won’t let you in. But if you do have the misfortune to come up against the thin blue line then it probably won’t survive the booking process, if you even make it that far.

Remember when you’ve been tasered you realy don’t remember very much… Oh and those high voltages when they run across your electronics “So sorry such a shame but we have five officers all saying you were resisting arrest, therefor no compensation”…

It’s only been when police officers have been realy realy stupid that we get to hear about these things.

Just remember if you use your phone to video the police “exceading their authority” that the video taken in a phone can be traced back to the phone fairly easily unless you take the care to clean the video up. And it’s not just digital fingerprints you need to worry about, there are optical finger prints as well…

The problem as normal is not the technology but who controls it and what rules they put in place for different people.

I made a reply to @vas pup yesterday about “Occam’s Razor” and how it’s outcome changes with the number of events you consider[1].

That is if you look at a standalone incident of a bodycam failing shortly before or at a critical time then, the most likely hypothesis is it is “accidental”. However two or three supposed “accidents” and the probability changes and the hypothesis becomes “deliberate”. Oddly humans do have a sense of this without the use of probability theory. Hence the various sayings along the lines of “Once happens, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action”.


Ike January 10, 2020 8:35 PM

Whoever is surprised by this needs reality check. Things are a lot worst than people read in media

Jonathan Wilson January 11, 2020 6:02 AM

I am surprised that building access control systems (which get used on some fairly high security buildings where getting something actually secure is more important than price) aren’t being built with better encryption and protection so they can’t be cloned or copied.

I am not a cryptographer (even if I have read all the Bruce Schineer cryptography books and read a lot of online articles) but I can think of a few ways you could build an access control setup where the secret key can’t be extracted from the card (at least non-destructively) and that isn’t vulnerable to replay attacks.

Adrian January 11, 2020 8:38 AM

I wonder how the Shop-Vac IP lawyers feel about their trademarks being used in a secret sales brochure.

Clive Robinson January 11, 2020 4:07 PM

@ Jonathan Wilson,

I am surprised that building access control systems … aren’t being built with better encryption and protection so they can’t be cloned or copied.

We’ve been through this before with “car locks” and the story realy isn’t any different.

In a way car keys were kind of 1.5factor authentication, you had to have the token (key) and the something you know of which (car) lock it worked in.

When high end cars mabufacturers switched to those electronic keys with buttons on security was most definately not the reason, marketing and ease of use where. Thus the car flashed it’s lights and made a noise when you pressed the button on the key so making realy only single factor authentication of “what you have” or what you can steal… Due to other factors such as battery life, security by obscurity was the way they went and in a relatively short time cloning became way to easy to do, so as with the security on “home banking” rather than fix the problem properly, they just raised the bar to clonning a little bit. So at each step the increment was small enough for the criminals to keep up (the same happened with satellite ‘pay TV’ boxes).

Whilst traditional Hotel keys were worse, with both the hotel name and room number on them not all office keys were quite that bad, many did not have any way to tell them apart from house keys. When hotels went electronic they used very cheap keys made out of paper with a strip of metal foil that got punched then folded inside the paper, later they used mag strip cards. Whilst both had the hotel name on them few had the room number, plus the key expired when a new one was issued so there was a very limited time frame they were valid for. When offices went electronic they started putting the keys inside staff ID cards that more or less told you about which doors the badge would open from the employee telephone book that gave things like the Dept and internal paper mail location etc…

The point about office keys is that these days they are more designed for convenience than security. Few require the card to be inserted into a lock and then have a pin typed in. Way to many are “walk up for open sesame” so even a remote controld toy car could open the doors…

The simple fact is as a past head of the UK’s MI5 Stelle Rimington pointed out about National ID, passports etc it’s currently virtually impossible to tie an individual to a paper trail ID. In essence you are who you claim you are at the time you claim it [1].

Now with most things being digital, just about everything is currently mutable if you have the money or contacts or some covert pretense. We know for instance way too many employers are now looking at peoples “Social Media” history and have been using it like a “credit score”. We also know that way to many Facebook and other social media accounts are complete fakes set up for various reasons. How much effort would be required to push in a fake “back story” via Social Media?

    Very easy for some very dificult for others

Which simple economics tells you is a prime recipe for a “business opportunity” there. And no matter if it is legal or not where there is demand, supply will appear if possible, which with technology is almost always the case.

In short security is little more than a “fly screen” these days with the past easily changable for those with the right contacts.

Look at it this way you and I can type what we like into this blog, and at some point it will get moderated. Each post gets a serial number that is tracable in time against the other serial numbers. However a lot of comments which are in effect adverts get moderated away each day, some days there are as many of them as their are valid comments. Thus there is a whole load of serial numbers vacant spread through time…

However there are no consistancy checks that you or I can look at to show the comments were made by us or have remained unchanged over time. In theory we could use Googles Cache and the Internet Archive but then who controls them?

Once in the not to distant past newspapers had to print retractions which became part of the public record and effected a newspapers reputation. Now the electronic newspapers just edit the pages and shazam history is changed, and most times nobody notices or cares.

So now not just our personal histories but event histories we were involved in can be changed by those with the right contacts thus control or leverage…

But we at the bottom of the pyramid will have no control, we can be easily manipulated and there is nothing we can currently do about it… The real question of course is “Will we ever be able to do anything about it?” and I suspect the answer will be no.

Thus whilst the current reason for office insecurity is “lazyness” dressed up as “ease of use” in time it will be because historic security will not be possible, for by far the majority because the price will be too high.

It’s why some years ago some people looked at “life blogging” and it’s varients. In essence you instrument yourself and record everything you do say or even look at to a hard drive. In effect an “electronic witness”[2]… But nobody is a saint there are too many laws for us not to be law breakers, hence reason to seize the hard drive as evidence etc. But as Cardinal Richelieu knew some four centuries ago, guilt or innocence can be a matter of perception. Thus your witness whilst potentially showing your innocence of general petty criminality, can in oh so many other ways be used to make you appear guilty of the highest crimes… We don’t need to imagine if this is true or not, people have been prosecuted because of their “fit bit” data. How long before it’s pacemakers etc.

[1] It’s one of the reasons Governments are turning a blind eye to illegal DNA databases built up by law enforcment agencies and “Know your Ancestors” type companies who’s databases can be got at via a no oversight letter in many cases usually spearheaded by a “think of the children” campaign off of a very very far off outlier (see what’s happening in the US again with regards Apple’s phones). The point is by the time our children have children I suspect every child’s DNA to be on record for some excuse. Initially with some promise that it will only ever be used for something the public would accept, but quickly get down graded to something no one in their right mind would accept such as deciding if you are a suitable employee or health insurance risk… Or worse some kind of minority to be racially abused as happens with many national ID cards.

[2] Back then signed by what is now a way to short key and broken hash function… Which by the way appears to be the eventual fate of all such “chain” signiture systems. That is adding more bits to the length is not the real solution, but using multiple systems in parallel might be.

Clive Robinson January 11, 2020 4:28 PM

@ FA,

With regards,

    Microwaves are in fact beamed from satellites, and in sufficient strength they are used to cook food.

Both statments in that sentence are true, that is,

1, Microwaves are beamed from satellites.
2, [Microwaves] in sufficient strength are used to cook food.

The question thus arises as to the use of the “,” I won’t bore you with the details, but legal decisions have hung on the use of such comas.

If you realy want to know look up “hanging comas” and follow where it goes.

But for your information there is nothing in the sentence to render it false[1] either.

The fact people don’t understand the engineering involved is not realy relevant to the truth or not of the sentance.

[1] In fact NASA has investigated “power transfer” by microwave beam to use solar collection of energy in space to send it down to earth. Apparently though inefficient, it is practical and slightly more efficient than earth based solar energy collection per unit of area. More importantly unlike earth based solar energy, it’s both reliable and more importantly “consistant” as the satellites can be placed in “perpetual sunlight” at the L1 points.

lurker January 11, 2020 11:59 PM


…illegal DNA databases built up by law enforcment agencies and “Know your Ancestors” type companies…

The Church of the Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons) have done me a great service. Now I know none of my ancestors are among the chosen 144,000 I can carry on sinning with impunity.

Clive Robinson January 12, 2020 3:19 AM

@ Lurker,


I look at it this way, if some people were not sinning, what would the other people have to gossip and get “rightfully indignatious” about 😉

Oh did you know the story is they only have people of their faith in their database, which you would have thought would have limited it’s size[1]…

As some one I used to know who was a master craftsman and observer of life, pointed out when I was a young competitive sailor,

    For best stability and weathering, remember Rudder to the Stern and Anchor to the Bow.

It took me a while to realise it works as well for life as it does for boats :-/

[1] According to many the LDS geniology solution, is to “water baptise” everyone then put them in… So in a way the Wild West Cowboy mentality lives on, just remember the Mormons want you “Dead or Alive”, or so the stories go. Which of course makes for great conspiracy theory,


As for that other mob down the road from them at Camp Williams near Bulffdale apparently they don’t bother with water baptism unless you are a special guest…

FA January 12, 2020 3:41 AM


But for your information there is nothing in the sentence to render it false either.

It didn’t claim it was false.

The full text should have been “Reminds me of http://dhmo.org/facts.html
Forgot I was typing into HTML and the url got eaten.

vas pup January 12, 2020 3:15 PM

@Joe – thank you for link to video you’ve posted.
Very vivid!

@Clive – do we just accidently discussed temper evident locks recently on this respected blog? I guess that all IoT capable office equipment should have tamper evident locks, screws you name it. It may timely flag tampering with equipment when physical access was made (not the case in the video blogger @Joe posted).
I guess all outlets where you could plug you computer (e.g. conference rooms) should have similar plug as electricity outlets have against children access with the same temper evident features. And as always, I got great please reading your posts on this subject as well.

@all – it was question regarding modified vacuum, is such modification required permission from manufacturer?

As Snowden did with his smart phone – removed microphone (he forgot to do the same with speakers – he did not read this blog where our Guru Clive explained to us: less or not initiated, that speakers could be used as microphone), remove/diasble GPS function or just add hardware kill switch to battery making user in full control of the smart phone which he/she owned now. Is such changes violate any law? Just curious.

What about modified by government request SmartTV, cable box, you name it in you own dwelling, not in motel room?

VRK January 13, 2020 12:11 PM

@ Electron 007 Re:Jan 10 11:03 AM (your ᛋᛋ post)

Amazingly insightful list. Truly, it seems to be the mandate for all vigilantizm to ensure ALL those items become applicable about a “targeted justice” patsy.

Tilting the playing field feels right when serving a vendetta.

For an enlightened society to still have titles like “Right Honourable”, and “Grand Master”, “my lord”, and “Father”, and “Sir” taken with all seriousness… about humans… geeze. Forgive me, but this is too rarely SOLEY about their ‘office’ in the mind of a person so named. Indulgent self-righteous acts at that point likely aren’t in need of categorization. God, help us choose to move forward, regardless.

Human society has been burning brilliant minds at the stake forever. Don’t hold your breath.

Your OWN conscientious interventions are the only effective heroism.
You will be held to an accounting for it:

“… that which hath wings shall tell the matter …”

vas pup January 16, 2020 12:43 PM

Why Japan is so successful at returning lost property

“The officers based at Japan’s small neighborhood police stations, called kōban, have a very different image from police elsewhere. These stations are abundant in cities (in Tokyo there are 97 per 100 square kilometers, compared to 11 police stations per 100 square kilometers in London) meaning you are never too far from help.

The officers stationed at the kōban are friendly – they are known to scold misbehaving teens or help the elderly cross the road. “If a child sees a police officer on the road, they usually greet them,” says Masahiro Tamura, a lawyer and law professor at Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan. “For the elderly living in the neighborhood, police officers will call upon their residence to make sure they are alright.

In a study comparing dropped phones and wallets in New York and Tokyo, 88% of phones “lost” by the researchers were handed into the police by Tokyo residents, compared to 6% of the ones “lost” in New York. Likewise, 80% of Tokyo wallets were handed in compared to 10% in New York. The abundance of police stations must make it easier, but is there something else going on.

===>Is anyone watching?

After the tsunami that hit northeast Japan in 2011, many were left homeless, without possessions, food or water. But even in adversity, people showed fortitude to put others’ needs before theirs. Behrens likens this to the Buddhist ethos of “gaman” which is similar to patience or endurance – to think of others rather than oneself. It was widely reported in the media that there was significantly less looting in the affected areas in Japan than has been seen in similarly devastated areas in other countries. The fact there was any looting at all was out of character, says Tamura. He does, however, point to one example, that reveals a fascinating insight into the human psyche.

“After the nuclear reactors at Fukushima failed because of the 2011 earthquake, the area was sealed off for months due to high radiation,” says Tamura. “The thefts only occurred because there was absolutely no one, no police force or anyone around to witness the wrongdoing.” Tamura describes the concept of hito no me; the ‘societal eye’. Even without a police presence, no theft will occur while there is hito no me. But left in a place where there is no one watching, thefts do occur.”

Clive Robinson January 16, 2020 1:39 PM

@ ALL,

As MS Win7 is “on topic” at the moment for a couple of reasons and possibly a couple more shortly.

You might find this anonymous comment from an MS Dev who worked there befor the time of Win8 getting going might be of interest,


Oh as for the later remorse comment treat that with a little suspicion. Knee jerk comments tend to be “rather too honest” than you might say to somebody face to face. It’s what tends to make them insightfull, and sharply accurate. Later remorse is a little like those white lies[1] we tell for the sake of peace and quiet if not the illusion of harmany in our public and even private persona projections.

[1] You know the ones about things like “Do you like my cake?” or the dred pitfall of “What do you think of my new jacket?” or other item of apparal (hey nobody looks good in skinny jeans, you just don’t say it 😉

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