wiredogDecember 11, 2019 7:56 AM

Yes, the Privacy International that "said in a statement that Mr Davies, aged 63, had stopped working with the group in 2010."

SpaceLifeFormDecember 11, 2019 6:07 PM

Apple legal whines that someone found their non-copyrightable number. Then backs off.

It's an interesting number, BTW.


JannieDecember 11, 2019 7:16 PM

I'm having some trouble accessing the link, so maybe this is already addressed...

Is there a guide about how to *stop* one's phone from saving or logging anything unless explicitly directed? Maybe a "private" mode, even a TAILS-for-phones?

In my limited experience, phones seem hell-bent on tracking everything. Everyone I've called, everyone who's called me, every web site I visit. Maybe apps cache state locally, maybe not, who knows? I can clear the logs periodically, use Tor Browser, and adjust as many settings as I can find, but it's hardly easy or foolproof.

ThinkDecember 11, 2019 8:07 PM

Looks like a locked iPhone is the big fish here.

So, you may have data (images, contacts, songs, etc) up on the cloud and a good suspicion that these discrete files are on the encrypted phone as well. Sounds like a good place to start a decryption process.

I would imagine that looking for file system commonalities that MUST be on all iPhones would work just as well to initiate a brute force decryption process on a physical memory bit by bit data extraction image.

There is enterprise software that can be preinstalled on iPhones allowing the removal of the PIN Lock code. One wonders if a carrier update via cell service on a locked phone in custody wouldn’t be able to circumvent a passcode as the software update would already posses the required access (it would just need to add the right software changes to perform this function, sort of like use of the trusted installer service from Microsoft to deliver ‘custom’ tailored updates for specific targeted computers. You may also be able to do other things like activate the wireless or Bluetooth radios if they are turned off to access other entry points (with that special update) and attack the phone through wireless means with heretofore unknown zero days.

Cellebrite is starting to look like the EnCase of the cellphone world.

meDecember 12, 2019 2:25 AM

i asked myself the same thing and i think the answer is a plain NO you can't set them to some "private mode".
i have rooted my android phone so i have full access but still it logs everything and i'm not going to mess with the os to clear logs.
what i have done is add a firewall (afwall+) in default-deny mode + editing the hosts file so that i ensure that every piece of information stays on the phone and that no app can "phone home".
in this way i can install apps that have google analytics or some other bad stuff without caring at all since everything is blocked.

plus i have 0 trust in my phone, no passwords no logins nothing important inside.

Petre Peter December 12, 2019 7:37 AM

Not sure if I'll ever trust my phone again. Just like Snowden, I feel betrayed by technology.

iStillLikeMechanicalLocksDecember 18, 2019 2:23 AM


This will make more sense as a gestalt data reference in a few months: Yes, the topic is still safety and security.
How? Who? What? When? Why?: i befriend the data bio hybrids now to ensure a more stable future; make actual physical and communications peace now to end the wars before they even could restart.

If the endgame of all this Neo-NASA cybernetic bullying is to clobber us all into archaic anachronistic dark ages luddite glory, i'm all for it! (Not quite!). But they're going to have to incorporate a way for me to bring my synthesizers and electronique musique culture along too! ...And I'm going to still want to be able to do online purchases of top quality medicines, tools, entertainment, educational materials, esoteric news, and health foods.

I did some reading on the topic of the technical and cultural origins of the internet (and of cybernetics). Essentially, a lot of it really does come from ("hell", or rather from) suicidally insane WWIII strategising and pre-NAZI eugenics-infatuated cybernetic transhumanism.

OK, I can finally stop dodging that history. It's been right here all along anyhow! So instead of slaying the world over a lie, can I just continue to eat food, drink water, breath air, listen to music, make friends, have consentual sex, buy & trade & sell, and travel?

It would seem from the perspective of penetraitors that the answer is pretty much a de facto "NO".
If the technocrats and warmongers seek to push everyone and everything through a militant digital lense aperture, then nothing will be insulated from digital murder seeking to reify actual physical murder.

The algorithmic pursuit of conquest does not have enough of a conscience (and never will) to stop itself from seeking to destroy all barricades, including those that insulate us all from guaranteed lethal destruction.

Sorry, I can't use many supporting details because the spiderbot vector pathway aim is pretty much assigned to attempt to supercede all impediments. Since many of us actively resist harms against ourselves, we have accidentally become labeled as firewall and antivirus and antimalware components. The aggressors and their tools don't check to know nor care about if we are alive sentient beings or are comprised of living organic material. All they want is to get to their goal state, no matter what the cost is.

Just recently i met some brain-damaged folks who are afraid of trees, water, fresh air, sex, healthy organic food, healthy relationships, safety, and sobriety. All of these odd folks are heavily steeped in very active electronic and digital computer communications technologies.

So it leads me to understand that they will not seek a more balanced normal peaceful life. They are already thinking like unthinking machines. And they are not the ones likely to teach the real AI's a higher quality and quantity of truthful educational real data and information and cultural and technical relevance.

Yes, it matters.
For a culture that ignores all locks and refuses to believe in privacy, those of us who have ethics and morals and limits and boundares seem strange and out of place. It's never before been a better time to start actively educating both the AI's and their cyborg brethren and the future-bound kids and the technophiles about everything we care about maintaining and continuing.

If we don't teach these new systems, they will simply ignorantly and complicitly destroy everything unless and until they are stopped by those more educated than them.

We are all such people in more than one way.
Please take the time to reconsider how to live in accordance with protecting both ourselves and the future.
As for this strange era of forced data rot: reinvest in mechanical locksmith technologies.

Those seeking an argument with me are welcome to email me at my former no longer in use because it was stolen from me email address. ______ @ _____ . ____.

Really, go for it; I provided a backchannel for people to let me know what grievances have against me, but the email account was stolen away from me hackers. Reconciliation is plausible as a form of security, yet not when that exact channel of communication is abducted. I offered it sincerely and would have actually studied the resulting complaints against me in good faith. Those who have sought to harm me are entitled to commumnicate with me to let me know in words what I did wrongf. But other harmers seek to block even those communications involving me. Anybody needing to get a message to me can blame them, not me.


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