Clive Robinson December 14, 2010 2:01 AM

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@ Bruce,

The following report might be of interest,

It is a technical security review from a Dutch University of the “Low Orbit Ion Cannon” (LOIC) stress tool currently being used by “hacktervists” in the current wikileaks “cyber-war” (I realy hate that term 😉

As LOIC is a stress tool not a DDoS tool it takes no measures to protect the ID of the computer it originates from.

It appears that the Dutch authorites have already started rounding up some teenage wikileaks propoonents who have used the tool recomended by the “Anonymous” pro-wikileaks group.

The name of the 19 year old has been given in some Dutch News Reports and a quick Google Search shows he has a “Facebook” page and has posted his personal details on other sites.

This tends to sugests that he is in not a cyber-criminal (cracker / scriptkiddy / phisher / etc) as we normaly assume but I guess a “cyber-activist” / “cyber-protestor”. However this will probably not stop the Dutch Government prosecuting him and thus he faces upto 6years in jail and in all probability a very uncertain employment future.

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