Twofish and AES News

10/10/00: NIST chose Rijndael as the winner of its AES contest.

2/1/00: News/400 magazine ran an article on Twofish Encryption on the AS/400.

10/10/99: Pawel Chodowiec and Kris Gaj wrote a paper on implementing Twofish using FPGA devices.

10/5/99: Counterpane released Twofish Technical Report #5, on Impossible Differentials in Twofish.

8/9/99: NIST has chosen Twofish as one of the five finalists for AES [PDF press release].

3/29/99: The Twofish Encryption Algorithm, a book published by Wiley, is available from Counterpane at 20% off cover price.

3/16/99: F. Mirza and S. Murphy identify an interesting property of Twofish's key schedule [Acrobat], which we discuss further in Twofish Technical Report #4, Further Observations on the Key Schedule of Twofish.

1/15/99: Performance Comparison of the AES Submissions

1/4/99: Twofish speedup—258 clocks per block on the Pentium Pro/II. See the updated source code.

12/1/98: Dr. Dobb's article about Twofish by Bruce Schneier

11/15/98: AES speed comparisons by Helger Lipmaa

10/2/98: Improved Twofish Implementations

9/22/98: Empirical Verification of Twofish Key Uniqueness Properties

9/20/98: Initial cryptanalysis of Magenta, another AES submission.

8/22/98: Twofish Cryptanalysis Contest with $10,000 in prizes

8/18/98: New Differential Bounds for Twofish

8/15/98: The Twofish team announces its cryptanalysis of FROG, an algorithm submitted for AES.

6/22/98: Schneier on Why NSA Should Submit an AES Candidate

4/26/98: Schneier's 26 April 97 letter to NIST

4/15/98: Report and commentary on the 15 April 97 NIST meeting

3/27/98: Schneier's 27 March 97 letter to NIST

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